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    UNIT4 has been supplying the global education market since 1993 and now provides solutions to over 400 education and research institutions around the world. From this experience, we have been able to recognize the issues currently within the sector and work closely with institutions to develop solutions that make a difference.

    Using our expertise in the sector, we understand that it is more important than ever to:

    • increase research income and improve reputation and quality - current financial pressures mean it is necessary to explore all funding opportunities, while minimizing costs;
    • absorb changes in structure and business direction without losing momentum - the academic landscape is constantly changing, and any institution must have the systems in place to cope with these changes;
    • have the best people in place - achieving strategic change, delivering excellent service and building reputation requires the best people, so you need to manage and motivate them effectively;
    • achieve wider commercial engagement and competitiveness - institutions must engage not only with students, but also businesses to maximize revenue streams;
    • improve the engagement and experience of both the student and academic community - student expectations are constantly evolving and institutions must be able to keep up with these expectations;
    • capitalize on new opportunities, such as overseas campuses or partnerships - with the increased ‘global’ nature of education and research, institutions must be able to act globally, requiring international systems;
    • increase quality, global reach and leadership - modern institutions should be front-runners in global technological innovation and development, with the most up-to-date systems in place.

    UNIT4 Campus has been specifically developed to help education and research institutions not only cope with these new challenges, but also thrive in the constantly-changing conditions.

    Our international experience, with operations in 26 countries, allows us to really understand what institutions need and we already have an extensive portfolio of education and research customers around the world: 

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    UNIT4 Campus, ready for change

    UNIT4 develops software and services that help education institutions and research organizations embrace change so they can become more flexible, efficient, and innovative. We offer integrated, agile software solutions, which uniquely extend post-implementation agility to education and research institutions, allowing them to continually adapt, respond and innovate as the market changes.

    UNIT4 Campus brings a fresh, new approach to the market, enabling all stakeholders to become more creative and innovative – providing a solution for all key areas:

    • Finance Management
    • Research Management
    • Human Capital Management (HR)
    • Reporting and Analysis
    • Business and Student Engagement
    • Student Management
    • Shared Services

    Our agility defines us. We deliver a flexible, integrated approach to managing your institution. UNIT4 Campus supports end-to-end processes that may reach across and even beyond your organization, and delivers the information you need - when you need it - to enable prompt and powerful decision-making that changes your institution for the better.

    Ourextensive understanding of the market has allowed us to deliver the support that institutions need to meet these constantly changing demands, on an international scale. Discover more about our experience in the market and our software solutions for higher education and research organizations.

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