• Commercial Sector

    Commercial Sector

    In today's incredibly tough trading conditions, success or even survival hangs on the ability to understand, control and optimize every aspect of the business – and to keep doing that, no matter what changes or how often. But this is difficult to achieve when data is held in various separate or poorly integrated inflexible systems.

    Helping you embrace change

    Change is inescapable. From our experience with thousands of companies across all sectors and countries, we know that to properly equip your business, you need agile, change-embracing solutions, so that you can address your general and industry-specific requirements more effectively and adapt easily to evolving business needs and the five key drivers of change:

    • Reorganisation and restructuring.
    • New or changed business processes.
    • Mergers & acquisitions (M&As).
    • Government reform and compliance.
    • Financial-management-driven change.

    And companies experiencing these pressures still need to make good strategic decisions, pursue their business objectives, maximize the value of resources and satisfy the reporting requirements of many stakeholders. UNIT4 can help you.

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    Our Solutions

    UNIT4 helps thousands of companies in over a hundred countries around the world to not merely cope with change but to embrace change - capitalizing on it, to safeguard existing business and seize new opportunities.

    UNIT4 Agresso

    Total business support...
    - Powerful sector, role and process tools.
    - Transforms your business visibility.
    - Minimizes total cost of ownership AND cost of change.
    ...with post-implementation agility!

    UNIT4 Coda Financials

    Best-of-class financial software...
    - Real-time financial visibility.
    - Flexible financial modelling.
    - Easy integration with your other applications.
    ...with interoperability you can count on!

    UNIT4 Consolidation & Cash

    Financial performance management...
    - Helps you simplify, automate and analyse.
    - Handles local legislation and GAAPs.
    ...with clearer visibility and control!

    UNIT4 Business Analytics

    People-driven performance management...
    - Simple, collaborative tools for the entire workforce.
    - Swifter answers and better-informed decisions.
    ...to help everybody get better results!

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