Following the public offer by Advent, Unit4 has been delisted from NYSE Euronext as of mid-April 2014. This section will be up for the time that Unit4 still has minority shareholders. Questions from minority shareholders can be sent to

Information for our stakeholders

Unit4 creates, develops, markets and provides a wide range of award-winning business software products (delivered via the cloud or on-premise) and related services for the management, support and optimization of commercial and public sector operations.

Our solutions offer particular advantage where the customer is affected by ongoing business change - we help dynamic organizations to embrace change simply, quickly and cost-effectively.

Unit4 was founded in 1980 and today is one of the largest ERP software suppliers globally. The Group's headquarters are in Sliedrecht, the Netherlands. It has over 4,100 staff with operations in 26 countries worldwide and sales activities in several other countries, supporting thousands of customers and partners, across all sectors, in all regions of the world.

This section of the Unit4 group website is aimed at investors and other stakeholders who wish to find out more about the financial performance of our company. For additional information about individual Unit4 operations around the world or to discover more about the full range of ways that we can help your organization, visit your local Unit4 website:

Further information

Contact us to discover how we can help your organization embrace change.

Financial information

Delivering results

In this section you will find the full range of information on the financial performance of the Unit4 Group, including all our published reports, presentations, recordings and the dates of all our key financial events. You will also find the minutes of all General Shareholder Meetings (GSMs).

Full-year results 2013

The full-year results for 2013 were announced on Friday 14th February 2014.

The full announcement is available to download.

Half-year results 2013

The first-half-year results for 2013 were announced on Wednesday 21st August 2013.

The full presentation is available to download.

First-half-year results 2013 audio webcast

Listen to the audio webcast of the Unit4 first-half-year results 2013, originally broadcasted on 22nd August 2013.

Presented by:
Chris Ouwinga and José Duarte, co-CEOs, with Edwin van Leeuwen, CFO of Unit4 NV

General Shareholders' Meetings

The most recent General Shareholders' Meeting (GSM) took place on Wednesday 22 May 2013 at the headquarters of Unit4 NV, Stationspark 1000, Sliedrecht, Netherlands. An EGM took place on 24th September 2013 - see "Related information" below.