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Unit 4 Agresso #6 on IDC's global mid-market ERP ranking


03 April 2008

Sliedrecht, the Netherlands, 3 April 2008

Unit 4 Agresso is ranked as #6 on the list of vendors for ERP revenue in the Medium-Sized Business Segment, by market research firm IDC. Additionally Unit 4 Agresso had the second highest growth rate of the Top10 ERP vendors in this segment, between 2005 and 2006.

This ranking is based on revenue generated for worldwide license, maintenance, and subscription ERP revenue in the medium-sized business segment and points to the steady growth and increased market share that Unit 4 Agresso is gaining due to products that resonate with customers that are seeking post implementation agility.

"Unit 4 Agresso has been expanding steadily to claim a growing share of the midmarket ERP space," stated IDC in the report "Worldwide ERP Applications 2006 Vendor Shares: Top Vendors in Small, Medium-Sized, and Large Customer Segments," October 2007.

With this report, it is clear that the analyst community is taking notice that Unit 4 Agresso does business differently in the ERP space. This difference directly impacts the Unit 4 Agresso customer base and this report spells out the forces behind Agresso growth and why the company has generated such success.

"Unit 4 Agresso is assuming the role of a change agent on behalf of its many customers frustrated with the rigid nature of many enterprise applications," said the report. "Unit 4 Agresso's approach is to offer integrated systems that are scalable, easy to maintain in-house, and flexible enough to harness available resources to better forecast, execute, and extend corporate objectives."

The report further discusses Unit 4 Agresso's strengths allowing the company to "set itself apart from others" by focusing on business issues and constantly changing business scenarios for the public sector and service industries. Agresso addresses these scenarios with product that enables enterprises to respond to constant change scenarios, what Unit 4 Agresso calls Business Living IN Change (BLINC™).

In the report IDC defines the medium-sized business segment as those businesses with 500-4,999 employees. Unit 4 Agresso's current strengths in the mid-market positions the company favorably in the evolving ERP market not only due to product strength but also due to ERP demographics.

According to the IDC report the medium-sized business ERP market will grow in the 2006-2011 time frame with an 11.6% CAGR. This rate will exceed the overall growth rate of 8.1% for the entire ERP market as a whole. This positions Unit 4 Agresso strongly in a business segment that will achieve higher growth overall, and supports Unit 4 Agresso’s stated goal of growing business revenues to EUR 500 million by 2009.

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