Working with partners

No organization can succeed in isolation. An open, collaborative approach to all areas of business can help to ensure you maintain your competitive position and maximize efficiencies.

That's why Unit4 adopts a partnership approach to working with customers and it's also the reason that we work with a range of different partners to add value to our solution offerings and to deliver extra benefit to our customers; prospective customers; and partners' businesses.

From a solution point of view, we recognize how important it is for an organization to achieve a fully integrated, end-to-end system that combines its core business software with any additional line-of-business and operational systems - to give one complete picture of how the organization is performing.

How does Unit4 select partners?

We take the selection of our partners very seriously, with the critical factors being their:

  • quality of solution and service
  • ability to extend the reach of our solutions
  • sector or functional experience and knowledge.

Key to the success of Unit4's many partnerships is that they are all based on mutual benefit between Unit4, the partner and (of course) our shared customers.

Further information

This website covers the Unit4 group and offers you a high-level overview of our company as a whole. To see details of the partnership arrangements that we have in specific parts of the world or to discover more about the full range of ways that we can help your organization, please visit your local Unit4 website:



Or contact us and we'll put you in touch with our nearest team.