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Welcome to our third global partner news update

The technological world continues to rapidly change and 2016 has seen growing acceptance that artificial intelligence and machine learning will play a clear role in delivering business efficiencies. As Unit4 continues to focus on empowering people – by developing rich enterprise applications to meet the business requirements of service organizations in our key markets – we look to utilize such technological advances.
Working closely in partnership with Microsoft, Unit4 has ensured that our Business World platform offers the most exciting and innovative software in the market. The introduction of Wanda, the world’s first Digital Assistant, capable of learning behavior and working habits and able to understand natural language, will open up huge possibilities for our customers and partners alike.
However, to take advantage of technological advancements requires customers to be operating on the latest platforms and therefore provides tremendous business opportunities for our approved partners to work alongside Unit4 to assist customer advancement.


The launch of our Value Accelerator implementation approach also ensures that customers realize significant business value from our solutions in the shortest possible time and I am pleased to note that in 2016, an increasing number of our global partners achieved Unit4 Certified status and are therefore equipped to assist with the delivery of this enhanced business value.
In October, our new Student Management solution was extremely well received at Educause with Anthony Salcito (vice president of Worldwide Education, Microsoft) stating: “Unit4 brings real expertise to student engagement and continues to deliver rapid innovation to the sector on our Azure platform.” Unit4 Student Management has significantly outperformed market expectations, with Unit4’s higher education technology portfolio today serving millions of students globally. A number of partners are therefore now being trained to help us deliver on this success.
Our acquisition of prevero also extended our business solutions to provide Corporate Performance Management. In November, Gartner Inc. recognized Unit4 as being a ‘Visionary’ in its latest Strategic Corporate Performance Solutions Magic Quadrant for CPM and BI with prevero. Unit4 is therefore keen to work with strategic partners who can help further realize growth in this key business area.
Unit4 Travel & Expenses has also realised significant success through partners in 2016 and Unit4 was also recently named one of the leading Expense Management solution providers in the G2 Crowd “Fall 2015 GridSM” report, based on input from users. As a standalone solution that can integrate with any leading ERP solution, Unit4 Travel & Expenses offers partners the opportunity for a new business line with fast ROI.
So, as we close out 2016, I am very pleased to report that we continue to realize strong growth across all of our business metrics with partners increasingly playing a major role in our success – on a global basis.
I therefore would like to thank you all for your continued support and wish you a happy Christmas and a mutually successful 2017.




Anwen Robinson, SVP, Global Partner Ecosystem

News, Updates & Announcements

The late summer and early autumn months have been interesting and eventful across the Unit4 regions. We've had a number of announcements around our products, a significant acquisition that completes our CPM offering, great progress in the Education sector with rave reviews of our Student Management solution, the appointment of a new CFO and everyone’s favourite Digital Assistant, Wanda, comes of age – wowing users, analysts and business partners alike.

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Prevero – the greatest show in town!

Following the announcement in July that prevero, provider of Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions to companies of all sizes, was acquired by Unit4, the company has hardly been out of the news.  This acquisition has been warmly welcomed by our regional Value Added Resellers (VAR) partners, many with compatible market sector focus looking to strengthen their Financial Performance Management (FPM) offering to their customers.
In early September, prevero announced the opening of our ANZ office in Sydney, Australia.  This follows the successful move into the Asia-Pacific region one year earlier with the introduction of prevero offices in Singapore.  This is significant on two fronts: prevero will recruit additional ANZ partners as well as working with Unit4’s local and global partners for the region; prevero will focus particularly on the energy, manufacturing, logistics and airport sectors, where the company has developed CPM and BI solutions that meet specific industry requirements.
Also in September, prevero was recognized in Gartner’s Critical Capabilities for Strategic Corporate Performance Management Solutions Report for 2016. This study again confirms prevero as a key player in the important CPM space, and follows on from Gartner’s positioning earlier this year of prevero in the Visionaries quadrant of the Gartner Strategic Corporate Performance Management Solutions Magic Quadrant.
In mid-October, the Business Application Research Center (BARC) published the results of their BI Survey 16, which saw prevero ranked first in six categories. 
This is the third year in a row that prevero has featured in BARC’s BI Survey and prevero has performed strongly over the last year.
BARC’s "THE BI Survey 16" is the world’s largest and most comprehensive survey of business intelligence end users and we’re particularly proud that our rankings are the direct result of feedback from our own end-users.
You can read some fascinating insights into how finance teams plan for their businesses in the Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) Trends survey published early in November. 
The size of the opportunity to provide CPM and BI solutions to businesses in all regions has attracted the attention of several of our regional partners with expertise in key vertical markets.
Most recently, in mid-November, the latest prevero 10 release was announced.  This release includes powerful self-service features to extend CPM and BI capabilities beyond the finance office and across the business. 
You can read about all of the key new developments in prevero 10 here.

Business World customer Mike Rogerson, UK Commercial & Operations Director of Professional Services firm, WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff
The impressive, and progressive, global Professional Services firm WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff was the winner of Unit4’s Best for People award at the Connect16 conference in Amsterdam earlier this year. We’re delighted to see the close relationship between WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff and Unit4 developing further in a number of countries, supported strongly by our partner ecosystem.

Unit4 appoints Yann Leca as Chief Financial Officer

“I’m very pleased to welcome Yann to Unit4,” said Stephan Sieber, Unit4 CEO. “Yann is an experienced CFO with a strong international background and a successful track record in driving growth and continuous improvement.”

“It’s an exciting time for Unit4; the market is changing rapidly and customers’ expectations are increasing day by day. This offers huge potential and new opportunities for agile and innovative companies like Unit4,” said Yann.
Yann succeeds Ray Leclercq, who had been in the role of CFO since 2014 and is stepping down to pursue new business endeavours.
Yann’s appointment as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) was effective 5 September 2016.

Wanda – beyond the hype

Unit4, together with leading IT-strategists, is convinced that we’ve seen the next major technology shift and that the era of Artificial Intelligence, (Chat) bots and Digital Assistants is now!  Which is why we’re intensively developing Wanda, our Digital Assistant.  Wanda orchestrates a number of enterprise Bots that make life easy for those users interacting with our software.  Why is this happening and why so fast? Catch up with the 5 clear trends or facts that are driving this new tech era.
To quote Thomas Staven, Unit4’s Global Head of Presales and Product Strategist, “Over the past 12 months the new tech era of AI and Bots has been a central topic on every tech blog and at every tech conference. The attention this topic is getting is massive.”  Unit4 is now investing in a new way of delivering our software by more or less removing the UI, but adding AI to the mix in order to let people communicate with our software through natural language, either spoken or written.
Microsoft has laid out a vision of the future of higher education, a world where colleges and universities are no longer the hub of the educational experience. In this world, the student is at the centre and the traditional university is just one spoke on a wheel that spins throughout a career filled with advanced learning, certifications, and competencies. Students take charge and higher education must adapt to remain relevant and impactful.  Enter Wanda, Unit4’s higher education ChatBot.
Showcased to rave reviews at the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference 2016 in Anaheim, California, October 26-27, Wanda impressed attendees at Unit4’s breakout supported by Rob Curtin, Chief Applications Officer at Microsoft.  All partners with an interest in the Education Sector should become very familiar with the way Wanda is helping shape the future of students everywhere.
For all things ‘Wanda’ visit our Digital Assistant webpage.

What the analysts say

The past few months have provided perspective and expert opinion on a broad range of topics from Unit4’s strategy; our Digital Assistant Wanda; and unsurprisingly the prevero story which generated the greatest number of analyst reviews.

As we are heading to the closing weeks of the calendar year, it would seem appropriate to take a broader overview of Unit4’s progress this year and highlight some of the milestones that have caught the attention of the analyst community.

Unit4 Update - October 31, 2016, from Vinnie Mirchandani

I had a chance to catch up with Ivo Totev, Chief Product Officer and get a Unit4 update. Some highlights:

Heightened vertical focus
Unit4 has narrowed focus to 4 major verticals – professional services, public services, higher education and non-profits/NGOs. Real Estate and Wholesale are seeing a bit less emphasis than in previous briefings. The focus is showing in industry specific Centers of Excellence which are crafting value analysis in pre-sales situations and coordinating closely with vertical Customer Advisory Councils.
Higher Education has the most momentum especially with last year’s acquisition of Three Rivers Systems, and leverage of the Microsoft Azure cloud to bring a modern Student Information System to that market. Given Unit4’s European footprint, the addressable market is much larger than that for Workday and other vendors who are also developing products for that vertical. With PSA functionality aimed at professional services, Unit4 expects its upcoming mobile capabilities to be a differentiator, but the competition is much broader in that sector.
AI is the new UI
Unit4 announced last year “self-driving” ERP, their vision of machine learning and artificial intelligence driving the user interface. Ivo shared details of the Travel and Expenses “self-drive” app – features include machine calculation of distances using Google Maps data, and categorizing of expense receipts based on a recognition feature.
Unit4 also offers a Chatbot called Wanda. The digital assistant helps fill timesheets, make purchases, and interact with calendar and emails. The self-driving and bots are part of the move to natural interfaces, another result of close collaboration with Microsoft.
Messaging aligned with that of customers
You don’t hear much about “values” in enterprise software so it was pleasant to hear Ivo channel the mission statements of his customers like “improve quality of life” (that of Whistler, the ski resort) to “enhancing society by creating new experiences” (that of Royal Haskoning, the design firm).
I like Unit4’s vertical focus, and the continued leverage of Microsoft cloud, AI, its channel and other assets. I would like to see accelerated R&D output like many more self-driving apps and more industry specific feature sets. The lag between announcement and availability should be shorter. Look forward to seeing more in the coming months.

More analyst quotes

  • "…higher education institutions have had to start acting in a more commercial manner. Unit4’s solution meets their requirements of being able to stimulate growth in applications, improve student retention rates and enhance the effectiveness of student operations."

    Georgina O'Toole, Director - TechMarketView

  • "Planning and analysis are getting ever more complex these days and by expanding its functional footprint into CPM, Unit4 becomes more strategic and important to its customers and prospects.” “ A vendor like prevero can help create insights across multiple Unit4 products and version, something that customers always appreciated, so plenty of synergy and why the acquisition of prevero by Unit4 is a good move."

    Holger Mueller, Analyst - Constellation Research

    News Analysis - Unit4 acquires prevero; gets more strategic and intelligent

  • "The Prevero portfolio complements and enriches Unit4’s Financial Performance and Office of the CFO software portfolio with a rich CPM and BI software platform. It also strengthens Unit4’s self-driving enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solutions for service businesses. These customers should now be able to better model service delivery around insightful strategic and operational data."

    PJ Jakovljevic, Principal Analyst, Technology Evaluation Centers

    Unit4 and Prevero Synergy

  • “Prevero’s project management capabilities also are a good fit for Unit4’s professional services vertical and a useful feature for bridging annual budgeting and long-term planning, in which projects and major initiatives can span multiple fiscal years.”

    Robert Kugel, Senior Vice President & Research Director – Ventana Research

    Unit4 Adds Financial Performance Management with Prevero Acquisition

Market Focus

We continue our "In Focus" series with a look at Unit4’s approach to another two key market drivers: CPM and Cloud.

prevero CPM solutions

Discover how a shared focus on delivering powerful industry-specific solutions provides valuable opportunities to complement Unit4’s self-driving business solutions with strong CPM and BI offerings from prevero.

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Unit4 and prevero share a focus on delivering powerful industry-specific solutions. In simple terms, prevero enables business leaders to align strategy, finance and operations by making smart decisions in every part of their business. This focus complements Unit4’s self-driving business solutions that simplify user experience and aims to maximize productivity.

Strong CPM and BI offerings from prevero enable customers to model service delivery around insightful strategic and operational data. Applicable to all market sectors, prevero is ideal for services organizations such as education and professional services.

Key capabilities of the prevero suite include:
  • Predictive analytics and business insights
  • Modeling and simulations
  • Ubiquitous access to information via in-memory technology
  • Corporate-wide collaboration and planning
  • Pre-built content for CxO offices and specific verticals
Unit4 delivers innovative financial management solutions designed to meet the core needs of people- and services-focused organizations around the world. We also offer dedicated solutions that address the specific additional requirements of individual roles, business processes or localities.
Take the time to review an extensive array of collateral on the prevero solutions here. Not only can you appreciate the scale of the opportunity for you as a partner from prevero becoming part of Unit4, you will quickly identify the core solutions that are most appropriate to your customers’ business – project planning and budgeting, performance management, business intelligence – and you will appreciate how well these complement Unit4 solutions already in your portfolio.
Unit4 offers customers two different approaches for achieving world-class financial management, to suit their particular business and IT strategies. Each of these solutions is distinguished by delivering continued agility and flexibility to embrace change – long after initial implementation:
  • Unit4 Business World On! Financials - integrated financial management at the heart of your ERP.
  • Unit4 Financials – best-in-class accounting with unrivaled interoperability.
In addition, Unit4 provides dedicated solutions for specific processes:
  • Unit4 Account Analysis – straightforward audit tools for the full picture.
  • Unit4 Audit & Control – easy, accurate, consistent handling of periodic finance processes.
  • Unit4 Cash Flow Planning – more effective cash management and liquidity planning.
  • Unit4 Consolidation – streamlined, smarter group financial performance reporting.
  • Unit4 Statutory Reporting – standardized financial reporting, ready for tuning to IFRS and local GAAP requirements.
prevero extends Unit4’s business solutions from Financial Performance Management to provide robust Corporate Performance Management.
Unit4 is therefore keen to work with strategic partners who can help further realize growth in this key business area.

Want to know more?

prevero has an array of informative White Papers, Factsheets and Presentations to get you up to speed.

Unit4 SaaS

Erick Bos  – Unit4 Cloud Excellence Director  – outlines how Unit4 is pursuing its goal of transforming to a cloud company in all aspects of the business in the coming years.

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The “Cloud at your speed” strategy implies that eventually every customer will move to the cloud, at the speed they feel fine with. Although Unit4 is already among the top cloud players in the industry with more the 1500 customers in the cloud, our goal is to transform to a cloud company in all aspects of the business in the coming years. We are currently building on our existing local cloud operations by delivering one strategic, global cloud offering that includes standardized SLAs, T&Cs and service catalogues. The transformation into a global cloud company started this year and the first results are already visible.

Standardized Agreements

Instead of country-specific contracts and customer-specific SLAs, we now have a global SaaS Master Agreement, two Service Level Agreements and a SaaS Service Catalogue. These are all completely standardized and used everywhere around the world for our Global SaaS delivery. In addition, we have policies available such as Information Security, Disaster Recovery and Acceptable Use.

Microsoft Partnership

Unit4 recently renewed its Microsoft Azure contracts, with a commitment to collaborate more extensively on innovation, technical Azure support and Go-To-Market activities. In addition, our internal IT and R&D teams will migrate to Azure, speeding up Azure knowledge adoption.

SaaS Ops Team

We’ve recruited a new team to help to ensure high quality SaaS delivery for our customers.

Security and Compliance

A Compliance Manager has been appointed as part of the SaaS Ops team. An external consultancy, Veris Group, is helping us prepare for certification in ISO27001, SOC1 and PCI-DSS. Currently only the infrastructure we use is certified, but following customer demands for certification for the complete service delivery process (for example, for Unit4 Business World On!), we plan to have this in place in 2017.

24x7 Support

Full-time support is now part of our SaaS offering offered by Global Support in cooperation with Global Cloud Ops.


Customers can subscribe for demos on the website and access whitepapers and presentations that explain our Cloud at your Speed offering.

Customer Success

Since SaaS is a service you can switch on and off, we must onboard new customers in a way that makes them feel valued and welcomed to the Unit4 community. Getting started is one important step. We must afterwards also ensure that customers get the best value from their investment. This is where a new customer success organization will make sure we deliver an excellent experience from the first contact to contract ending.

Value Accelerators and Cloud Assessment to Help Migrations to the Cloud

Value Accelerators are key for fast time-to-value. These are available from our Global Delivery Center in Lisbon for our key verticals. In addition, a Cloud Migration Methodology has been created and is being tested with the first customers migrating to SaaS. This also includes testing and evaluation of new migration tooling so that future migrations will become even easier.

Availability of Unit4 Solutions on Azure

Both Unit4 Business World On! and Unit4 Student Management are being delivered in Unit4 SaaS on Azure currently in Canada, US and Europe.
Nearly 20 Unit4 Student Management customers are already up and running on Unit4 SaaS in Azure, next to an additional 10 Unit4 Business World On! deployments.

Want to know more?

If you would like more information, or have any questions, or want to help out, please contact your local Partner Manager.

Recommended Reading

All information about Unit4 SaaS is available on the Unit4 Information Hub (in the Sales Materials / Cloud folder). If you do not have personal access to the Hub, please request a copy of the SaaS Service Catalogue from your Unit4 Partner Manager.  The SaaS Service Catalogue is a great read, explaining the service we offer to our customers.

Closing out the year - a round-up from across the regions

The second half of 2016 was a period of consolidation for most of our partnerships, with all new colleagues getting up to speed on Unit4 solutions; doing the training and many gaining certifications; and of course meeting existing and prospective customers. Likewise for our longer established partners bringing new hires into the ecosystem, putting their consultants through Unit4’s enablement process to equip them to be knowledgeable and billable as efficiently as possible.

Consequently all of our regions are enjoying success, through hard work and dedication, and also through the network of global partner consultants developing their skills in the YOUniversity.

  • Catch up with some of our regional partnerships news highlights...

  • DACH

    Momentum has been building steadily across the DACH partner ecosystem in the second half of the year, with new customer wins, more trained and certified consultants and joint sales and marketing bringing a host of Unit4 solutions to life for enthusiastic customers!

    Joint Summer Event of Dresden-based Partner kreITiv and Unit4
    In late August, we held a joint customer event with our Dresden-based partner, kreITiv, at the CityBeach – a terrific venue overlooking the river Elbe and the city skyline.
    The event was arranged to provide insights into two main topics of interest; the handling of travel expenses and cloud solutions.
    Matthias Ehnert (commercial director of kreITiv) and Matthias Linden (Regional VP Sales of Unit4) welcomed the guests and opened the discussions on a number of business challenges. kreITiv’s expert Tax Advisor, Alexander Holzhauer, then delivered an interesting insight into the fiscal aspects of travel expenses and this was followed by a comprehensive demonstration by Jochen Alig, Senior Presales Consultant at Unit4, on the ease and simplicity of use of Unit4 Travel & Expenses.
    Guests had the opportunity to have individual presentations of Travel & Expenses focused on their specific business challenges, Unit4 Business World On! and the cloud solutions offered by kreITiv.
    And as is customary on these occasions, the event concluded with “interesting conversations and in a relaxed atmosphere”.
    Our sincere thanks go to kreITiv for the opportunity to present Unit4’s solution during the day. Guest feedback was very positive and many meaningful conversations have taken place since the event.
    Our partner management team in the DACH region are in dialogue with more of their partners to jointly host similar events in 2017. This event format – great location, small gathering, focused message, expert panel and consultants, engaged customers or prospects – is an ideal forum to showcase the best our partnerships have to offer.

    Not just another Customer win
    Partner ACE Consulting Experts (ACE) has developed a Business World-based CRM solution that offers customers the ability to track a project from lead status until it becomes a project. ACE CRM integrates seamlessly into Business World and the benefits and the functions of the CRM solution can be discussed further with our colleagues from ACE.
    We are of course proud to report a significant sale of ACE CRM to an established Business World customer from the real estate industry. Real added value!

    And in a similar fashion…
    We are happy to announce another new partnership, this one with Dresden-based Detzner Systemtechnik (DST) GmbH. In common with a few of our other partners, DST provides an interface for their software – DST’s asset inventory solution – to Unit4 Business World and other ERP solutions. As ever with our German partnerships, DST comes prepared for business, with sales promotions and joint marketing activities planned for 2017. In addition to Business World, DST is also confident of selling our ever-popular Travel & Expenses solution into its own customer base.
  • UK and Ireland

    Lots of news and updates to cover in our UK & Ireland region, including a major event focused on Unit4 colleagues getting to know our partners and gaining a clear insight into their respective Unique Selling Propositions!

    A new "Highpoint" for FE colleges
    We can start with news of our engagement with Highpoint that has reached a different level after they established a significant focus on the Further Education market.
    The programme united Unit4 Sales and Partner sales and established a new integrated way of working together in the FE sector. Highpoint have been focused on building strong, repeatable templates for their client base providing a robust implementation route. Unit4 needed a new way of working with their FE client base so we came up with FE Your Way. It is designed for FE Colleges and represents a renewed focus for Unit4 within the sector. FE Your Way is based upon an implementation process which is cost and time effective, utilizing a defined FE Prototype, underpinned by excellent knowledge transfer, dynamic documentation, and agile project management. Knowledge transfer is at the heart of this approach, enabling customers to take an active part in the build and better maintain and develop their solution post go-live.
    The first deal has been won at Sandwell College and there are a further three more opportunities in the pipeline.

    Agilysis transforms local authorities
    Following successful wins with Renfrewshire Council, City of Edinburgh Council and Scottish Borders Council, Agilisys are leading the way offering transformation services to Scottish Local Authorities. Using their Scottish Local Government template and experienced implementation methods, Agilisys are focussing on transforming clients’ vital back-office functions, delivering lasting change and delivering efficiencies and productivity benefits, through the introduction of self service, automation and mobile working practices.
    In addition to implementing Unit4’s Business World solution, Agilisys will also implement their own Agilisys Digital platform for Scottish Borders Council and Edinburgh City Council. The platform will enable a simpler and more accessible digital service for local citizens.

    Showcase events build closer working
    In early October, we held our first UK & Ireland Partner Showcase, when twenty of our partners, came together with the aim of getting more intimate with the Unit4 marketing teams, sales teams and pre-sales teams.
    We held three concurrent presentations sessions, which were focussed on Education, Public Sector and Commercial sectors and partners “pitched” their value proposition for ten minutes to the Unit4 audience.
    It was a beneficial exercise we had every sales person in the UK & Ireland present (bar one) and there are continuing conversations going on between the Unit4 teams and the partners sales people, which we expect to help in pipeline generation.
    The follow-up to the event will be a series of quarterly partner update sessions where we will continue to update partners on what is happening in Unit4 and providing technical updates and roadmap information.

    Delivering transparency and smarter processes to Shelter
    Unit4’s list of customers in the Not-for-Profit / NGO sector is a genuine Who’s Who of those organizations around the world that successfully strive to better the lives, circumstances and welfare of people, as their sole goal. It’s great when we can raise the profile of any Not-for-Profit organization across our partner ecosystem, so we are delighted to bring you this news with partner Embridge Consulting, helping Shelter to deliver operational transparency to its supporters, streamline and automate their processes, and access an accurate view of current financial information at any time, from anywhere.

    Share your story
    We are always keen to receive similar news stories to share with our network.  Please get in contact with your Unit4 partner manager and we’ll get working on it with you.
  • North America

    In the past 20 months, Unit4 has expanded its North American partner ecosystem to extend its sales and delivery capabilities while continuing to bring new, innovative solutions to market.

    “We are being very selective with our partner appointments. Unit4 has very aggressive expansion plans for North America, with a clear focus on customer satisfaction. Partners bring very high levels of experience and commitment while aligning closely with Unit4’s business objectives, enabling us to accelerate successful deployments.”

    Scott Kamieneski, SVP and Managing Director of Unit4 in North America

    A digital upgrade for Public Services
    Infosys Public Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of global consulting, technology and next-generation services company Infosys is the latest business to announce a partnership agreement with Unit4. Infosys Public Services will focus on public sector organizations across North America.
    "Infosys' experience is a natural match with Unit4’s enterprise software offerings. As a global leader in systems integration and technology consulting, Infosys Public Services leverages Infosys’ three-decades of experience and capabilities to drive software-led transformation of public sector organizations.”
    Scott Kamieneski, SVP and Managing Director
    “Unit4 is leading the march of the public sector to the cloud with its “Cloud at your speed” approach. Together, Unit4 (with its disruptive cloud-based ERP systems) and Infosys Public Services (with decades of experience implementing ERP solutions) are strongly positioned to help public sector organizations build modern and agile enterprise systems. We look forward to working with Unit4 to build the IT systems of the future for our public sector clients.”
    Eric Paternoster, CEO of Infosys Public Services

    A winning 2016 from ERP Connex
    We’ve written on previous occasions of the very impressive, Quebec-based, ERP Connex. And we are delighted to do so again, as it ends the year on another win – underlining the dedication this partner brings to the marketplace. Five significant new-logo customer wins within twelve months, and across market sectors, highlight the size of the opportunity available to partners. Utilizing its regional sector expertise, addressing the needs of its business networks and recommending Unit4 domain-focused ERP solutions have proven to be a winning formula for ERP Connex. Congratulations to all concerned for a great 2016!

    ServeVita adds to its Unit4 portfolio
    ServeVita (a partner of Unit4 for two years, through a relationship dating back over 18 years when founder Danny Eldridge was a part of Unit4’s travel team) will now be a reseller, service provider and trainer for Unit4’s Travel and Expense solutions. This partnership is in addition to ServeVita implementing Unit4’s travel management software.
    ServeVita’s goal is to transform businesses by providing end-to-end solutions that capture their unique culture and practices.
    “We are a knowledge-sharing organization, passionate about serving our clients and adding value to their businesses. From the start, we strive to gain a clear understanding of each client’s goals through our business analysis process. We then design, build, test, train and support customized solutions that capture the unique business life cycle of our client’s culture.”
    Danny Eldridge, Principal, ServeVita Holdings LLC

    Rapid progress for new Agilyx team
    Agilyx North America has been quick out of the blocks in 2016, rapidly building up a team of consultants and sales personnel under the leadership of former Unit4 North America president, Shelley Zapp and securing our first joint customer win in a short space of time. Being a Unit4 partner for over 15 years in Australia and New Zealand, with several large global deployments of Unit4 Business World, Agilyx North America has gained the experience and has the in-house expertise to resell, implement and train for Unit4 Business World On!
    Agilyx specializes in the professional services and public sector markets and its operations include software sales, maintenance and a full range of support services. In addition, Agilyx provides professional consulting services to implement the full range of Unit4 software and associated partner applications.
  • Dedication pays dividends

    It’s always a pleasure to provide an update on our Iberia partnerships.

    Unit4 Partner Manager José Marcos Lopez-Rios Velasco has developed an exciting regional partner ecosystem that combines local niche resellers, national multi-faceted resellers and implementer partners and global applications businesses. And in his spare time (!) José Marcos has also developed and progressed our partner network in Latin America.

    Across this diverse landscape, we have some notable business development in the second half of the year.

    A strong momentum with Capgemini
    Capgemini has maintained the pace of new business growth in addition to building on the earlier customer acquisitions from the start of the partnership. There are some exciting new logo customers through this partnership and we expect to bring you news of these at a future date.
    And looking to the future, we can see the momentum that this partnership is generating, with a healthy pipeline established for the first half of 2017.

    Exciting opportunities ahead for GCON4
    GCON4 Spain, S.L. is another partner that has developed a strong focus on new business for 2017, across several market sectors, building on good work done this year. GCON4 is a global business with interests in a number of Unit4 regions. A very interesting future beckons in one country in particular – Colombia.
    GCON4 specializes in business management software for non-profit organizations and through its subsidiary, GCON4 Colombia, there is great optimism for supporting this country, following the very welcome signing of the peace accords in recent months.
    The agreement is expected to substantially energize the economy of Colombia, contributing to the growth of gross domestic product of at least 1 % per year. Given the impact the peace accords will have on Colombian society this new era involves the arrival of international funds for cooperation and development aid, with the Not for Profit sector contributing to post-conflict development.
    "GCON4 offers our firm commitment to Colombia for technological strengthening the sector with all our international experience, so the country can meet the challenges optimally."
    Luis Alberto Vinas , Vice President of Sales, GCON4 Group
    “Information systems are a key tool to optimize resources and processes and meet the obligations of transparency, reporting, management and control that Not for Profit entities require. GCON4 has great experience across many sectors and in multiple geographies.”
    Fernando García Varela, CEO of Unit4 Iberia

    Colombia – a good time to "Think & Grow"
    Also with a focus on Colombia, THINK Y GROW DE COLOMBIA LTDA (T & G) has been progressing its Unit4 partnership with some solid business in the Professions Services sector. T & G operate in the Not for Profit arena too, and also provide consultancy services in a range of other sectors in Columbia.
    Interesting and challenging times ahead for businesses and institutions in Columbia. We look forward to tracking the emergence of a revitalized economy, in part through the good work of our regional partnerships.

    Expanding the Partner ecosystem
    José Marcos and his many Unit4 colleagues have ambition to expand their regional partner ecosystem and they have created the optimum environment for partners to develop and grow their businesses.
    Amongst a number of new partnerships established this year, it’s great to see that the investment in time and resources by predominantly Professional Sector focused Portuguese Value Added Reseller (VAR) partner HighValue is paying dividends. Leading with Unit4 Travel & Expenses, HighValue has generated keen interest from the regions’ business community for our expense management solution.
    Also focused primarily on commercial organizations, Spanish VAR partner Network Centric Software SA (NCS) is seeing a return on investment in their Unit4 partnership with an exciting new customer win in the digital media sector and NCS has built a growing list of business services opportunities in the early part of 2017.
    We predict great things for the Iberia region in 2017 with such motivated and dedicated partners!
  • A new chapter for Unit4 in South Africa

    SIS Global recently agreed terms to become Unit4’s preferred Value Added Reseller (VAR) in South Africa and the sub-Saharan territory. Under the terms of the partnership, SIS Global will establish a Unit4 business entity to market, sell and implement Unit4 Business World ERP and Unit4 Student Management to clients in the region.

    “This partnership combines Unit4’s market-leading solutions based upon the latest, future-proof technology with a reputable and experienced local partner. It’s also testament to the global demand we’re seeing for our new Student Management system. Both Unit4 and SIS Global are committed to investing in targeted growth in the region for education solutions.”
    Anwen Robinson, SVP, Global Partner Ecosystem at Unit4
    “Our alliance with Unit4 further strengthens our solution portfolio, so we can support our clients to serve their customers better, to respond to business change and generally be more productive. Unit4’s Student Management solution is a great example of how modern technology should meet the needs of users today, delivering a mobile-first consumer-grade experience, unrivaled in this sector today.”
    Robert Hawley, CEO at SIS Global
    This exciting and important partnership will focus on South Africa and the sub-Saharan territory, with scope for expansion to other regions – including the Middle East.
    SIS Global is more than a systems integrator, offering end-to-end business technology solutions, delivering industry solutions uniquely tailored to clients’ needs.
    With a successful history spanning 2 decades and with access to more than 1250 assets on the ground in over 80 countries worldwide, SIS Global has become a business champion in the mid-size, enterprise markets in a variety of industries and the public sector.

2017 events and useful resources

Unit4’s 2016 program of customer conferences and Connect16 events was complete in mid-October with events in France and Sweden. They brought to a close a series of events that started with our inaugural International Connect16 customer conference in April. Several thousand customers enjoyed these occasions to catch up on our latest solution developments and to connect with industry colleagues as well as network with both Unit4 and partner contacts. Feedback from our attendees has been very positive again this year and so we look forward to 2017 with an eye to building on these great experiences and indeed making them even better in the coming year.

2017 Events

The first Customer Connect conference for 2017 will be held in Palm Springs, California, USA. This is an event that has grown in stature year on year and it takes place this year just twelve months on from the very memorable event in New Orleans, Louisiana – a change from the eighteen-month cycle that our customers have supported for many years. This will be a key event is our calendar, for both customers and potential customers, as it’s our first international customer conference in a series that runs through to late October. Lots to look forward to!

Here are some key dates for your diaries:

  • Unit4 User Conference 2017 – North America
    • When: Monday 5 to Friday 9 June
    • Where: Palm Springs, California, USA
  • Unit4 User Conference 2017 – APAC
    • When: Wednesday 12* to Friday 14 July
    • Where: Singapore
    * Start date to be confirmed
  • Unit4 User Conference 2017 – Norway
    • When: Sunday 24* to Tuesday 26 September
    • Where: Oslo, Norway
    * Start date to be confirmed
  • Unit4 User Conference 2017 – UK & Ireland
    • When: Wednesday 11 to Thursday 12 October
    • Where: Manchester, UK
  • Unit4 User Conference 2017 – Sweden
    • When: Monday 23* to Wednesday 25 October
    • Where: Stockholm, Sweden
    * Start date to be confirmed

Useful Resources is your greatest source information available for all of our sector-specific solutions and applications. Bookmark this site to ensure you always have access to product updates, news and activities of interest across our global business.

Our regional applications and solutions can also be found online and you can access our regional content, including native language editions, using the Country Selector link.

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Partner Enablement Updates

Another fantastic resource that has recently become available is the Partner Enablement Updates newsletter.  Managed by Unit4’s Global Partner Framework Programme Manager, Jeremy Slater, the monthly newsletter provides a wealth of news and information on all topics relevant to our partner consultant community; product updates; training and certification dates and programs; links to presentations on Unit4’s YOUniversity; links to tutorial and product videos; and much more.

If you wish to receive the Partner Enablement Updates email, please send your request to your regional partner manager.

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