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    • Corporate UNIT4 is a global business software company that helps organizations embrace change effectively. Includes UNIT4 Agresso (ERP) and UNIT4 Coda Financials (international accounting system). Follow @UNIT4_Group

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      UNIT4 is a global business software company that helps organisations embrace change effectively. Follow @UNIT4_Australia
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    • Corporate We're a global business software and services company. We work with large and small organizations of all types - but particularly ones that experience lots of change - to help them operate better and embrace change more easily. Follow UNIT4 on Facebook.

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UNIT4 Social Media Policy

UNIT4 encourages all employees to engage in social media where appropriate to assist customers and prospects, communicate with colleagues and participate across social networks to further their personal and professional interests.

We could summarize this policy with the two words: "Be Professional". Just as with any other communications channels we know we can rely on our staff to conduct themselves in a professional, courteous and helpful manner that upholds the reputation of UNIT4.

The UNIT4 Social Media Policy is designed to clarify the recommended use of social media by UNIT4 employees. This policy exists to define our responsibilities, protect us from harm in using social networks and outline the risks to employees and how we can resolve issues if they occur.

Please remember that, just as with any other form of communication like email, each employee is personally liable for what is written online and that messages representing UNIT4 could give rise to legal action against UNIT4. So we shouldn’t be scared of using social media, but we need to think about what we are writing.

Social Media Suggestions for Personal Profiles

1.  We encourage employees to include a reference to where they work in their personal profile or biography; this also extends to comments, replies, shares or when they like any status updates from UNIT4 Social Media Profiles. We only ask employees to consider the concept of 'Being Professional' when engaging in social media channels.

The following suggestions are considered good practice:

  • Use your real name (as provided to UNIT4)
  • A business-like photo
  • Job Title (at UNIT4) with a link from LinkedIn to the appropriate UNIT4 LinkedIn Company page.
  • Add the most appropriate UNIT4 Country Twitter handle to your Twitter bio and use the Twitter link option to point to your own LinkedIn profile.
  • Add your work history on Facebook with a link to the most relevant UNIT4 Facebook page.
  • If a personal account is predominantly UNIT4 related content add a disclaimer statement on your Twitter bio that “Views are my own”, or similar, to make explicit that you are not speaking on behalf of UNIT4.
  • However, if an account is largely personal, with infrequent references to UNIT4 this will not be necessary.

2.  All employees should read the Social Media Handbook, available internally, especially those representing UNIT4 Social Media Profiles. The suggested guidelines are best practice and can be used to improve social media engagement.

Official UNIT4 Social Media Profiles

3.  UNIT4 Social Media Profiles are those owned by the company and are clearly recognisable. They include country accounts, product accounts and sector accounts. If employees are unsure which accounts qualify, they should contact their line manager or the Social Media Team.

Secure Access to Social Networks

4. You should not access UNIT4 Social Media Profiles that you are not permitted to use.

5. Do not connect UNIT4 Social Media Profiles with potentially insecure web or mobile applications or services.

6. Secure mobile devices which are connected to UNIT4 Social Media Profiles, must use passwords and automatic lock-outs to protect them in the event of theft or loss.

7. If an employee is using a public wireless network, they must use secure access over HTTPS, where this option is available on your device, to avoid your profile details being intercepted by third-parties.

Suitable Conduct for Those Managing UNIT4 Social Media Profiles

8.  When disagreeing with another person’s opinion, always be respectful and polite.

9.  Never make party political or religious opinions public. Never use explicit language.

10.  Don't sell or advertise products or services, or publish non-UNIT4 related sponsorship or charitable appeals.

Ownership of Contacts From UNIT4 Social Media Profiles

11.  A UNIT4 Social Media Profile is treated like other business contact methods, for example a UNIT4 telephone number or email addresses. All other social media accounts are not considered accounts belonging to UNIT4.

12.  When you collect business contacts in the course of your employment using UNIT4 Social Media Profiles, this contact information is the property of UNIT4, regardless of where the details are stored. However with personal accounts we realise that this creates a complex scenario.  We therefore maintain that the information contained within UNIT4 Social Media Profiles remains the property of UNIT4 upon termination of your duties, and those contacts that have been collected on personal social media profiles are not to be claimed by UNIT4.

13.  Employees will be required to give up access to UNIT4 Social Media Profiles when there is a breach of this policy or upon termination of employment by UNIT4, or if required by a change in the terms of your employment.

Appropriate Use of Social Networks

Protect confidentiality

14.  Take special care to avoid accidentally violating privacy, confidentiality or posting proprietary and sensitive information online, including that provided by a third-party. Employees who are unsure should check with their line manager.

Avoid inappropriate content

15.  Never distribute or store offensive or illegal content, or content which might harass or intimidate colleagues.

Don’t breach copyright

16.  Always cite sources appropriately.

17.  Respect copyright and fair use laws. Examples of fair use include commentary, criticism, news reporting and research. Social media should never quote more than short excerpts of someone else’s work, nor include full computer software, video, audio, images or content which is trademarked or copyrighted unless you have permission to use them - including those of UNIT4 - or they are already clearly in the public domain.

18.  Do not infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties.

Defer to public relations specialists

19.  Unless employees have a Public Relations or spokesperson role, they should not initiate or continue social media conversations with journalists and media representatives.

20.  If this type of contact is received be polite and helpful but refer them to either your local PR team or the Group Public Relations Manager.

21.  Do not comment to anyone on legal matters, litigation, or any parties UNIT4 may be in litigation with, unless it is your job to do so.

22.  Avoid posting to social networks on the subject of a ‘communications crisis’. A communications crisis is a situation when the UNIT4 brand and reputation might be considered to be at risk of damage by a collection of activity on a social network. Public Relations employees and executives are best placed to deal with such matters.

23.  If you anticipate a communications crisis emerging, report it to your local Public Relations (or Marketing) manager. They should report it to the Group PR Manager if it is serious.

Don’t mislead people

24.  Never represent yourself, fellow employees, or UNIT4 (including its products, services, partners, customers, or customers relationships) in a way that is intentionally misleading.

Don’t undertake impersonation

25.  Don’t impersonate anyone or anything else on a social network. This means you should never intentionally mislead by using the names of competitors or third-parties, or their products or services, to set up social media profiles.

Breaches of policy

Determining whether or not a breach of policy has occurred

26.  Anyone who believes any item of policy has not been upheld should report the breach.

27.  If you are unsure whether or not a breach has occurred, or are unsure if it has been reported by someone else, we ask that you report it to help the UNIT4 policy team make an assessment.

28.  All reports of breaches of policy will be treated in confidence.

Reporting a breach of this policy

 29.  Always try to contact colleagues to let them know they may be in breach of the policy, suggesting they rectify the issue, if you think this is an appropriate course of action.

30.  Report breaches of this Social Media Policy by email to: 'socialmedia (at) unit4 (dot) com'.

31.  Your report will reach David Turner, Group Marketing Director

32.  You can expect a swift response to any questions, but we will certainly aim to respond within 48 hours.

33.  Please ensure the issue you are reporting relates to this policy, otherwise contact your Line Manager or HR Department.

34.  If your report relates to negative comments made by non-UNIT4 employees, please refer to the Public Relations section below.

Response to a breach

35.  A breach of this policy will be taken seriously and may result in disciplinary action under the UNIT4 Disciplinary Procedure.

36.  Dismissal may follow in cases involving unlawful disclosure of confidential or inappropriate information (see the UNIT4 Data Protection Policy), or inappropriate behaviour towards customers or fellow employees.

Sharing the policy

We encourage employees to share this policy with colleagues and friends through their social networks.

We welcome feedback and suggestions for improvements to this policy. All suggestions will be carefully considered but may not necessarily be implemented. UNIT4 reserves the right to vary or amend this policy without notice.

If you have any further queries, please email: 'socialmedia (at) unit4 (dot) com'.

The UNIT4 Social Media Team 

[V1.005b   Last updated 05 October 2012]