Why Unit4?

  • At a glance

    Personnel - From hiring to retiring, HR has to track them, manage them and analyse them in every way possible.  That’s a truckload of data. 

    What if your employee interface was so user-friendly that information ended up actually in your system, instead of you having to track data down? 

    What if report management was so intuitive and flexible that you could grasp the biggest picture and grab the smallest detail? 

    You wouldn’t get mired in the mundane – you’d devote yourself to managing.

    • Engage employees through clear, intuitive employee interfaces and contextualised reporting
    • Build stronger teams through training, staff utilisation, resource planning and performance appraisal
    • Track results in real time using Timesheets, Clocks, Scheduling and Leave Administration
    • Streamline through outsourcing so that your workforce can be focused on the important jobs
    • ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified

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  • A better solution - The 2nd most preferred HRMS vendor

    Companies and public service agencies throughout the region use Prosoft HRMS because it integrates seamlessly across their entire organisation, and it facilitates speedy and efficient management.

    You’ll find Unit4 in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Macau, Taiwan, and throughout Asia Pacific.

    Delivering a single, complete package
    ​With Prosoft HRMS, all those involved in the process share a single end-to-end solution for the support and information that they need:

    • Plan scheduling and record work
      • Prosoft Leave - Streamlines the entire leave administration
      • Prosoft Attendance - Calculate all the time elements
      • Prosoft Timesheets - Streamline processing of working hours
      • Prosoft Resource Booking - Schedule all your office resources
    • Build and enhance your talent
      • Prosoft Training - Organise training and learning
      • Prosoft Manpower - Manage mapower, resource planning and budgeting
      • Prosoft Appraisal - Conduct appraisals completely online
    • Reduce Administrative Burden 

      • Prosoft Forms - Gather HR information online

    • Designed for you, developed with you
      Prosoft HRMS is not just a smarter and more intuitive solution for today's requirements, it is also constantly evolving for tomorrow's challenges. Thanks to our continuous development program and active engagement with customers, to gather and realise great new ideas, you can rely on us to keep delivering the innovation you need to succeed.
    • Safeguarding privacy and security
      Taking proper care of employees' sensitive personal information is of paramount importance. Prosoft HRMS is ISO 9001 certified and includes many procedures and layers of protection to ensure this, including strict password validation, separation of medical records from ordinary data so that they can only be accessed by the authorized medical users and validation of medical terms.

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  • Our single, innovative solution removes the challenges, frustrations and delays caused by factors such as: complex, ever changing legislation, participants spread across various separate organizations and fragmented or poorly coordinated processes. Instead, it is:

    Designed for People

    Unit4 Prosoft HRMS delivers a clear, intuitive user experience rarely seen outside of consumer technologies.  Its easy-to-use tools deliver powerful insights and analytics.  By providing the right information in the right context, Prosoft empowers your people to execute tasks quickly and effectively, and frees them to focus on solving problems and managing business.

    Designed for Change

    You need software that can adapt at the speed of business.  Whether it’s growth, acquisitions or cost-cutting, change happens fast - and Prosoft’s unique architecture will change fast, too, at a low cost and without disruption.  Information, workflow and data are all seamlessly integrated.

    Designed for Mobility

    The Prosoft HRMS system offers full functionality and information tailored for each specific person at a specific time and a specific location. So whether you are in the office matching staff to assignments, or on the road and capturing your travel expenses, Prosoft keeps your workforce working at full, interconnected functionality.

    Designed for Choice

    With Prosoft HRMS, you control deployment.  Choose the Purchase Model with the software license and get complete flexibility in managing your software and servers. Or choose a cloud-based SaaS model to take care of your HR IT infrastructure without having to manage upgrades

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  • Cloud At Your Speed

    Our unique Cloud At Your Speed design empowers your team to move solutions in whole or in part between public cloud, private cloud and on-premise deployment.  You achieve compliance and security as you control what goes on the cloud and when it gets there. That is the power of Business World’s Cloud At Your Speed.

    The solution that we deliver has the same functional depth, no matter how you choose to deploy it.

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Key Benefits

  • Engage employees - Clear, intuitive employee interfaces and contextualised reporting

    What if your HR system offered easy input, efficient reporting, and simplified expense claim administration?

    Unit4 Prosoft HRMS provides the kind of clear, easy, instinctual interface on that is common in consumer technologies and rarely found in business. Key tasks are automated, information contextualised, and simple yet powerful tools empower your people to make the right decisions.

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  • Build Stronger Teams - Training, staff utilisation, resource planning, and performance appraisal

    What if your manpower and resource planning offered reliable insights and predictive results?

    Employees – They are your “human capital.” And they would be your toughest resource to measure and manage if the Prosoft solution wasn’t here to help. Training, utilisation, resource management, performance appraisals. Other systems can’t measure up because Unit4’s is so comprehensive and easy-to-use. In fact, whether you’re a small company or a growing multi-national, no other ERP system manages people better.

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  • Track in Real Time - Time tracking, employee clocking, scheduling and leave administration

    What if you mastered time – you could track it, understand it, and use it to your company’s best advantage?

    Time, they used to say, marches on. Today time flies, making it tough to record and tougher to manage. Unit4’s suite of electronic clocks and bio-verification devices make data capture effective and efficient. Powerful, flexible, user-friendly scheduling tools make planning smarter and simple. The overwhelming job of tracking and processing hours for a complex workforce is streamlined on our HRMS application so it takes less time to manage your company’s time.

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  • Streamline Through Outsourcing - HR and Payroll Outsourcing keeps your workforce focused on the important jobs

    What if you outsourced the menial tasks in payroll, taxes and benefits processing, and used your time and brainpower working on the big picture?

    You’re in management. You should be adding value, not adding rows of numbers. Would you rather spend time housekeeping or planning? Memorising tax regulations or strategising to avoid them?

    HR / Payroll Outsourcing allow smaller businesses to devote their personnel to using their heads and leave the menial tasks to outside firms.

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  • "There are many improvements to our HR processes, but what is really significant is that our employee relations have improved as we are now more transparent with them than we were before. They feel valued and are benefiting from training and smooth appraisal procedures. We are continuously reviewing and updating our HR policies and they are being adopted universally across the company."

    Wayne Ho, COO of SSTC

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  • "We are very happy to use the Prosoft HRMS system, as it solves the challenges we face today and keeps us ready for the demands on our team that we anticipate in the future."

    Michael Lim, HR Director of SingEx Holdings Pte Ltd.

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  • "The HR team is confident and comfortable working with the friendly and competent Unit4 consultants, who are always ready to go the extra mile for us!"

    Yap Chui Chin, HR Manager of Golden Village Multiplex Pte Ltd

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Can we help?

Unit4 Prosoft HRMS is part of a suite of Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions that provide comprehensive support for the Office of HR including:

  • Unit4 Business World – integrated personnel management and administration at the heart of your ERP
  • HR Outsourcing - HR and Payroll Outsourcing keeps your workforce focused on the important jobs


Our internationally available HRMS solutions are also complemented by various regional products and services that support the requirements of customers in specific sectors and locations or with specialised business processes.