• At a glance

    Unit4 Business World (formerly Agresso Wholesale) is a flexible and fully integrated end-to-end solution for dynamic wholesalers that is tuned to the changes in your organization and the dynamic supply chain.

    Unit4 Business World puts you in control of the complete purchase process.

    Supply chain execution
    The solution enables you to optimize the movement of goods, ensuring the right goods are in the right place at the right time.

    Quickly gain real-time insight into your sales processes and the various statuses of orders, while meeting the demands of each situation.

    Unit4 Business World supports your overall strategic objectives, financial health and manages your daily accounting, including multi-company, multi-currency, and multi-lingual capabilities.

    Information management
    This flexible module provides reliable, up-to-date management information, in-depth analysis and reports from data held in Unit4 Business World.

    The fully integrated e-commerce platform supports the ecommerce needs and channel strategies of wholesalers.

  • A better solution

    Unit4 Business World (formerly Agresso Wholesale) is a dedicated, fully integrated ERP solution for the wholesale sector. It is designed to respond effectively to the changing market, the dynamic chain and to your specific needs to get you up and running and supporting your trading processes – without delay and without business disruption. Like all Unit4 solutions, it delivers the ongoing agility to help you adapt to changing circumstances and deliver the information and insights essential to continued business success.

    The solution:

    • allows you to easily make adjustments to meet the changing needs of your organization,
    • enables your organization to realize its goals,
    • minimizes risks,
    • can be implemented while your business remains open,
    • is implemented by consultants who understand your business,
    • is timely and cost effective to adjust, long after the initial implementation.

    As a result, you are better able to seize opportunities and avoid threats; optimizing business processes according to the needs of staff/users instead of forcing your business to conform to how the system works.

  • Unit4 Cloud advantages

    Cloud Your Way

    Traditional on premise software locks you into a resource-hungry cycle of IT "ownership" and management that costs you time and money for each layer involved.

    The Unit4 cloud replaces all that complexity and overhead with a single, simple, end-to-end subscription service – delivered by experts you can trust.

    Discover the advantages of Unit4's cloud deployment

A dedicated solution

Unit4 Business World can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise, is easy to implement and keeps you 'in control' of your trading processes with a view to the future.

The solution offers extensive opportunities for:

  • Full supply chain management and automation.
  • Extensive functionality for purchasing, sales and stock.
  • Full control over loading of goods.
  • Distribution to and integration with several carriers.
  • Warehouse management with technology for picking, packing and shipping.
  • Project management and visibility of resources/time used.
  • Mobile application for account and sales management.
  • E-commerce with strong online marketing and strategic channel capabilities.
  • Extensive reporting and analysis capabilities.
  • Added value through service and maintenance of services.

As the world of business becomes smaller and more accessible, your supply chain becomes more dynamic. The 24-hour nature of the economy puts extra strain on your systems, including data requirements and the need to work closely with both customers and suppliers. Our integrated e-commerce solution enables you to seize the opportunities whilst supporting specific channel strategies such as launching a website with an e-commerce portal, connecting with the virtual marketplace or partnering up with an affiliate.

Information at the heart of your organization

Information is vital to your organization so instead of focusing only on collecting data, Unit4 Business World is built with an information warehouse at its core. Not only does the coding structure allow for unlimited dimensions of analysis, that structure can be changed at any time as required - for example, to support a new organization chart, new product ranges etc. As these changes can be done by end users, there is no need for IT support or external consultants.

Unlike most other ERP solutions, all enquiry, analysis and reporting tools are integral parts of the solution. With Unit4 Business World, you have great reporting and analysis tools, overlaying a remarkably flexible and rich structure, which can change as required.

The solution enables you to:

  • Respond immediately to situations by being automatically informed of business critical events and conditions.
  • Be responsive to sudden changes and unforeseen operational problems.
  • Keep on top of your workload, stay informed and keep 'in the know'.
  • Warn users when things don't go as planned, and give them the opportunity to react as necessary.
  • Make faster and more informed decisions.
  • Streamline business processes.

Flexibility for dynamic organizations

Unlike traditional ERP, Unit4 Business World keeps in step with the changing needs and structure of your organization – long after it is first put in place. This agility, which goes beyond delivering a low total cost of ownership by ensuring customers benefit from something even more significant: a low total cost of change.

Improve collaboration

  • Transparency and insight in the supply chain with suppliers, resellers and end customers.
  • Improve business relationships and customer service while keeping costs down.
  • Keep the management informed for better decision making.

Activate your system data

  • Get maximum value from the data in your system.
  • Turn your database from being a passive data repository to an active contributor to business efficiency, customer satisfaction and improved communication.

Business efficiencies

  • Reduce waste and costs.
  • Define and monitor events that are important and specific to your organization.
  • Improve productivity as you no longer have to manually perform tasks to get relevant/critical information.

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Find out more about how Unit4 has helped dynamic Wholesale organizations around the world.

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