What can it do for you?

With Analyzer, it’s easy to get more insight into your Unit4 Business World information, by generating a fresh and graphic perspective on problem points. It’s a faster way to grasp the big picture.

Key benefits

Multiple visualizations

You can flexibly visualize your data and restructure it in multiple ways. View it within datasets on a granular or summarized basis, or display it in pivot tables, graphs, and pie-charts. Multiple views give you greater insight and allow you to respond faster to changing analysis needs.

Analysis made easy

Analyzer is simple and engaging to use, with an intuitive interface that makes data analysis fun. Simply click a button to run a search based on a Unit4 Business World enquiry and get the results instantly on screen. Analysis is no longer simply for the experts!

Fast and consistent results

Analyzer performs immediately, without the need for any additional setup or customization. You’ll always get consistent reports, because you can save your analysis and filter settings together. So every time you run a favourite report, you’ll get a consistent view of completely up-to-date data from Unit4 Business World.

Make the most of what you know

So you’ve gathered all the business information you need via your Unit4 Business World reports, and now you want to do more with it? Analyzer is the perfect tool for making the most of your data. Its powerful, flexible and extremely rapid visualizations are a great way to get more insight into your business, whether you are tackling a particular problem or just focusing on the bigger picture.
Analyzer puts your data into memory in order to visualize it – in ways you can choose by selecting from the various filter options.

Multiple Perspectives

There’s more than one way of looking at any business issue.
Analyzer helps you to generate multiple visualizations, comparing regional or supplier-centric views for example, in order to get a quick overview of the matter at hand. In just seconds, you’ve got a fresh perspective that you can save or share with colleagues.

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