What can it do for you?

A one-stop, flexible solution for all your budgeting requirements, with easy access to all the information you’re ever likely to need.

Key benefits


One-stop budgeting shop

With Business Books, all your budgeting and forecasting processes can be concentrated in one central place.


Add information from anywhere

Business Books can collect information from anywhere in Unit4 Business World and present it as reports, charts and descriptive texts next to your budget.


Customizable templates

Customizable book templates allow you to define and maintain your company’s budgeting standards from one single place.

Take the bumps out of budgeting

Budgeting is vital for every business. Yet gathering information, updating versions and getting a complete overview are often major challenges. Now, Business Books provides you with one central place to keep all your budget-related information, collaborate with colleagues and manage the whole process.
A simple book format allocates pages to all your budget elements, for example for separate cost, resource and revenue plans. So you always know where to find the information you need.

Customize your pages

You can define the content and layout of every page in the book, choosing exactly what to include on each page – whether that’s last year’s numbers, KPIs, charts, or other content all the way to providing relevant instructions.
You can also add your comments to the pages, or discuss the report in real time with your colleagues. This means that everyone in the budget process will be able to complete the required actions instantly and correctly, reducing time to completion and increasing the quality of your plans.

Let templates do the work!

If you make a change in one of the book templates, it will recur in all future books.
So now there’s no need to change countless Excel sheets to modify a single calculation or add a new department.

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