What can it do for you?

Communities brings your people together in an environment where they can collaborate and communicate on a given project, department, or any other shared area of interest – wherever they happen to be.

Key benefits

Customize your community

Design your hub to suit your community – tailoring each one to a specific user group by selecting from the options supplied, or providing your own. 

Quick setup​

Once you’ve designed one hub, you can generate many more with the click of a button. So it’s no extra work to give every project, department or group its own community space.

Instant collaboration​

Live feeds and real-time chat functions mean colleagues can work together instantly, sharing information, ideas and opinions.

Need a collaborative space for your team?

Collaboration is essential in business today – so how do you optimize it when you don’t necessarily share a physical environment with your team? Communities is all about providing a single space for you and your colleagues, so you can work effectively on a project, work topic or idea. It’s a place to access information, share it and collaborate.
A single screen has all the facts you need. You can see at a glance who is working on your project or in your group, plus all the important calendar dates that relate to you and your team members. To simplify things, you can choose to focus only on high-priority events.
If you need to communicate and collaborate with external contractors and customers on projects – no problem. Your teams can use the Unit4 and  Slack.com integration.

Instant interaction with your colleagues

Team members can post all their updates in the News window, ensuring that everyone stays informed. No more missing important emails! Communities also allows you to post comments and chat with colleagues. Polls is the place to gather opinions and ask questions.
It’s also easy to keep up to date with team members’ travel plans, since journeys and absences scheduled elsewhere are automatically added into Communities. You always know where everyone is, and exactly what is going on related to the topics that matter most to you – whether it’s a project, an event, a customer, your team … you name it.

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