What can it do for you?

By keeping an overview of all your assets in one place, it’s easy to plan your maintenance activities in advance, meaning everything stays in the best possible repair and you save time and money.

Key benefits

Take a proactive and preventative maintenance approach

With a proactive maintenance approach, you can expertly prepare and plan for asset inspections, maintenance and service orders.

Ensure efficient operational execution​

Connect strategic estate management to operational deployment of field services. Support communication between Central and Field via mobile devices.

Automate update of financial and fixed assets accounts 

Automatically invoice or cross-charge completed services. Keep Fixed Asset accounting entries up to date to maintain an accurate record of your estate.

Keep on top of maintenance

Managing a portfolio of properties is a challenging task: Maintenance and repairs require constant attention. Now, with Estate & Asset Management, a complete understanding of all your assets – and their necessary upkeep – is at your fingertips.
The interactive dashboard shows you at once which urgent maintenances tasks are outstanding, and whether jobs are planned, underway, or completed. It’s an instant overview!

Get a wider view

The map interface is a helpful way to visualize asset objects spread over a wide area, especially when planning maintenance, inspections and service. The information panel on the right provides everything you need to know, from technical to financial information.
The panel at the bottom of the screen allows you to take fast action to create a new service order or amend the details on file.

Efficient, effective service ordering

See exactly what needs to be done, and who is available to do it, using Service Planner. Match the job to the field workforce using the drag and drop function and fill in any extra assignment information.
The Unit4 Field Service Mobile app is automatically updated, keeping everyone in the field and in the office on the same page.

Clear communications in the field

Enjoy smooth two-way communications with field workforce thanks to Field Service Mobile. This handy app means that traveling operatives have all the essential assignment information at their fingertips. When the job is done, automatically updated task reports ensure the office stays in the picture.

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