What can it do for you?

Making relevant information available in the context of a process in Business World will improve employee efficiency and reduce the error margin when doing administrative work.

Key benefits


Save time through increased productivity 

Effectively enable new hires and occasional users to get and share knowledge within the context of a certain process or window in the application.


Save money on error handling and support 

Bring down the number of application- or content related questions – users are enabled to help each other! 


Ensure compliance 

Couple the latest company policies within the process in which they are used. No more disconnect. 

Constant compliance with company policy

Compliance with company policy is vital, yet it can be hard for your people to remember each and every detail. With Knowly, it’s easy to remind them.
Knowly can be embedded in all your Unit4 Business World processes, so whatever they are doing, they can easily find out how they should be doing it, by simply clicking on the light-bulb icons.

Knowledge support for people and processes

With Knowly, your people have the answers to their questions at their fingertips. There’s no need to search for information, because Knowly stores it in a relevant place, inside your business processes.
Your important facts and tips are safe - keep them as reminders for yourself or share with groups or even the whole company. 

Gains in efficiency and economy

Because it reclaims time that would otherwise be lost in looking for answers, Knowly is a surefire way to increase your efficiency while reducing costs. Occasional employees can see what they need to do, fast.
Those infrequent processes run smoother, thanks to timely tips and reminders.

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