What can it do for you?

An easy-to-use interface for instantly viewing or creating organizational or other structures, and making changes faster than any other system on the market.

Key benefits

Visualize any structure you want​

Get a graphical past, present or future view of any hierarchy ‒ organization, project or accounting, for example ‒ based on data held in Unit4 Business World, all without the need for add-ons or other modeling tools.

Restructure departments rapidly

Use simple drag-and-drop features for rapid restructuring, automatically moving all access rights, workflows and reporting hierarchies attached to the people you’ve moved.

Plan ahead easily and successfully

Model an infinite number of what-if scenarios, to proactively plan for future organizational changes, saving and activating your planned changes to take effect exactly when you want them to.

Create new departments

When you need to add a new department to your organization chart, you’ve got everything you need right on your screen. Simply create and place the department where you want it in the hierarchy.
You can also easily add new people or move them from existing departments. Their background information, such as workflows and reporting structures, can be moved with them, so managing business change is painless.

Plan a structural reorganization

You can explore proposed changes in your organization’s structure by creating detailed at-a-glance graphical models of your plans, easily adding and deleting departments, and moving people around the organization to assess different scenarios.
And because you can add a go-live date to your new structure, you can respond with unrivaled agility to upcoming business changes.

See where you fit in your organization

Sometimes you just want to find out how your role fits into the overall organization and where you are in the company hierarchy.
Simply by typing in your name, you can display an organization chart, with your own details highlighted.

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