What can it do for you?

The ideal solution when you need a smarter way to process invoices, timesheets, expenses – in fact, just about anything.


Easily prioritize your work​

Get a clear visual indication of which tasks – including personal ones – are most important or urgent, and which you should be focusing on.


Share tasks with colleagues​

Drag and drop tasks into a shared area for your colleagues to pick up, and chat and share your screen to rapidly process items and resolve issues.


Use the handy mobile app​

Use the Unit4 Business World Tasks mobile app alongside Task Management when you’re on the road, so you’re always on top of your tasks – even when you’re not at your desk.

Prioritize your tasks

It’s easier than ever to prioritize your work, as tasks can be defined and displayed by importance. A clear visual overview helps you to instantly recognize and focus on the most urgent items.
You can choose from different view options, while fast filtering sorts your tasks by importance, element type (invoice, expense, requisition) or due date.

Keep track of every job

Managing all your different tasks – including your own personal work – is simplified, as you can schedule in your own ad hoc jobs. You no longer need to switch between other methods and tools, such as Post-it® notes or Microsoft® Office® tasks lists, to keep on top of all your work.
With Task Management, you can keep track of ALL your to-do lists – with everything in one place.

Share with colleagues

Sharing your tasks with other people in your team is easily managed from one screen. Instead of having to conduct long and often fruitless email conversations, you can chat with colleagues on screen and share your desktop, resolving any issues instantly.
Even better, you can simply drag tasks from your list and drop them into a shared area for colleagues to pick up.

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