What can it do for you?

Timelines lets you switch between various time-based views of virtually every aspect of your business.

Key benefits


One-screen overview​

Get a quick, single-screen insight into all the time-related information you need – whether that’s concerning employees, suppliers, customers, projects or just about anything else.


Choose your times

Make Timelines work for you by not only choosing what to look it, but how you look at it. It’s up to you whether you focus on the past month or year, or even a future timeframe – and switching between views is instantaneous.


Make well-informed decisions​

Having a time-based overview of orders, deliveries and other business supply lines can help you make well-informed decisions, improving efficiency and saving money.

Get a time-based overview

It’s easy to understand the time-related aspects of your business when you use Timelines. It accesses all the time-based information in Unit4 Business World in any timeframe you choose. A team overview, for example, gives you a clear picture of staff absences. You can view these over a whole year, and zoom in for a month view.
Types of absence such as travel or vacations are color-coded, so it’s easy to understand what you are looking at, and you can choose to view just one type of absence, such as business trips. You can opt to chat instantly with any member of the team, or get a close-up of any individual.

Manage service orders

When you’re juggling incoming corrective services orders for equipment that needs repairs, Timelines can help by giving you a complete overview. You can immediately access information on any order, as well as viewing all the orders already assigned to a technician, and those already completed.
The Time Slider allows you to zoom in and focus on a shorter time period. You can also take a look at other members of the team, to see how they are doing with their orders.

Know when to expect deliveries

Timelines allows you to view a list of expected deliveries in a given timeframe. Zooming in shows you who ordered what, and when it’s due.
It’s easy to see if consolidating deliveries from a supplier will increase efficiency, or if other changes need to be made.

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