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Focusing on sector-specific needs

Whichever market or industry sector your organization is in, it is important to have the right business support solutions in place, both for general day-to-day functions and for the many challenges and opportunities that are unique to the specific environment in which you operate.

In order to properly equip your organization, you need a provider that can offer you a better combination of more agile solutions, so that you can address your general and industry-specific requirements more effectively and adapt easily to evolving business needs.

How can we help you?

UNIT4 creates, delivers and supports adaptable business software and services globally that help organizations to manage their dynamic business needs effectively.

Whilst we cover core business support functions that are common to most organizations, our teams around the world also seek to understand the specific and often very different business and technical challenges of particular market sectors.

Our expertise is built from over 25 years of knowledge and experience of working with customer organizations from a wide range of sectors. As we have worked with them to deliver strategic and long-term business benefits, we have often enhanced our products and services or created dedicated solutions to meet their specific needs.

  • As a long-established global business solutions provider, we serve a range of key industry and market sectors internationally.
  • These are complemented by expertise and solutions supporting a variety of other sectors that are particular focuses for our teams around the world.

What is the UNIT4 advantage?

UNIT4 has a broad portfolio of business software and services – both for general business support and for customers in specific markets, united by a fundamental shared advantage: we offer unbeatable solutions for organizations that operate in an environment of frequent or constant change.

Our solutions are designed to minimize the cost and maximize the speed of change within commercial and public sector organizations. They set a new industry standard for how simply, quickly and cost-effectively each solution can be adapted – long after initial implementation – whether change comes from: externally driven factors of the market or operating environment; or internal factors of how the organization is run or business pursued.

Further information

This website covers the UNIT4 group and offers you a high-level overview of our key markets. To discover more about the full range of market and industry sectors that we focus on in your region, please:

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  • or contact us and we'll put you in touch with our nearest team.

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