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Bridging the gap between HR and Finance

Very few organizations operate in an environment that is free from the impacts of change, and the HR sector as a whole is the first to feel the brunt of any transformation – be it legal, or the effect of economic fluctuation.

This makes HR one of the most significant departments in the modern workplace. It provides essential support to the rest of your organization, strategically and personally, working to maintain an agile and valuable workforce. The hidden gem of the HR sector is its ability to strengthen your business by closing the gap between HR and finance, working to understand the strategic cost of human capital, and in doing so, the impact on your organization.

Yet, HR professionals eternally struggle to gain enough useful real time information about their workforce, from their software systems, and find themselves spending valuable time working round their applications, to pull out vaguely useful reports.

How Can UNIT4 Help?

At UNIT4 we believe that your software should be flexible enough to work with you, and your changing demands. We think that you should be supported not hindered by your systems.  They should act to save time, and easily generate the material you need.

Even if the changes that your organization faces are small, we believe that your system should still:

  • Allow stakeholders the clarity to; understand the whole picture, easily report on findings and drive operations
  • Help everyone within your teams to fulfil their potential
  • Adapt with you to new legal demands, changing structures and objectives
  • Understand the real cost of every step of your employees working life, from recruitment to retirement

UNIT4 offers a complete suite of solutions covering recruitment, payroll, HR and talent management. What makes us unique is the operational agility we offer. Due to our unique architecture (Vita) means that you can easily adapt and update the system yourself, to reflect new structures and procedures. Its dependant on your needs, whether you want a stand-alone system or a complete people management solution, whether you want to run your software on-premise, UNIT4 can adapt to work for you.

Further information

This website covers the UNIT4 group and offers you a high-level overview of our company as a whole. To discover more about the full range of HR software available in your region, please either:

  • visit your local UNIT4 website 
  • find out more about our HR management software
  • or contact us and we'll put you in touch with our nearest team.

What our customers say about us...

"We liked the clear, intuitive functionality and the ease with which it can be configured, which is very important in helping the organisation adapt to change quickly and with minimal investment.” 

Sharon Hynes, Vice President and People & Development Director at Marie Stopes International

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