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The challenge faced by organizations today

As organizations grow and evolve, their structure can become increasingly complex, with an ever-growing collection of separate systems in place to support individual teams and operating units. This significantly complicates reporting, cost control and the evaluation and analysis of financial data at a group level.

Gaining a complete, accurate and up-to-date understanding of the organization’s finances in this kind of environment is a daily challenge for finance teams, internal or external auditors and decision-makers alike.

The advantages of UNIT4 Account Analyser

This financial audit software solution translates all data, delivered by different financial applications or charts of accounts, into one single standard, and allows for functional data analysis based on one standard (but customisable) set of parameters. 

Other advantages of our financial analysis solution include:

  • Comparison of financial data from different sources and systems
  • Requires no technical knowledge
  • Drilling down to entry-level information is straightforward
  • Making customised data grids, crosssections and selections is easy
  • Can be instantly used in engagements
  • Includes a large set of default audit reports
  • Custom pivot tables are created easily
  • Facilitates period comparison analyses
  • Allows for an unlimited number of classifications of journal entries for detailed analysis, lead sheets and periodical reporting
  • Checks suspense accounts
  • Flexible data browsing by ledger account, amount, journal entry
  • Ability to save analyses in PDF, Excel or Word format.

How can we help?

UNIT4 Account Analyser is a best-of-class solution to support fast, simple and cost-effective financial auditing and the provision of management information. It boosts productivity and accuracy by delivering the information you need – more quickly, more reliably and more consistently.

It works by gathering data from across the organization and translating it into a single, shared uniform standard, so that it can be used for central analysis, regardless of the various data structures and system rules of the source systems. This provides a “single version of the truth”, enabling the finance team to produce fast, uniform, high quality reports to support better decision-making and enable auditing comparisons and assessments to be made from an agreed set of reliable and detailed data.

What is the UNIT4 advantage?

Our solution helps accounts staff to be more productive, freeing them for more value-adding work. Account Analyser is designed for easy import of data – without needing any in-depth technical expertise – from any number or type of ERP or financial management systems (including UNIT4 solutions such as UNIT4 Agresso or UNIT4 Coda Financials). Its ease of setup and use keeps it extremely straightforward for users to fine tune and adapt, so that you always have the full financial picture – no matter how your organization develops or its structure and source systems change.

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