Agresso – new ways forward

UNIT4 Agresso – new ways forward

Ground-breaking Development & Release Strategy

Software independence for Businesses Living in Change.

UNIT4 Agresso delivers total business support with unrivalled post-implementation agility for fast-changing organisations. A couple of years ago, we embarked on a new direction for the ongoing Agresso "journey" – a ground-breaking development and release strategy, which is putting customers in the driving seat, regarding updates and upgrades, as Agresso evolves to deliver the next generation of fast, flexible and ultra user-friendly ERP software, for Businesses Living in Change.

ERP, world famous for its Post-Implementation Agility

Agresso has been designed specifically for dynamic, people-centric organisations in both the commercial and public sectors that experience frequent, ongoing business change. It enables these organisations to embrace change independently and use it as an advantage to achieve their goals and ambitions, by running a complete and integrated, role-focused ERP solution that they can adapt themselves to any type of business change scenario  – simply, quickly and cost effectively.

Introducing new freedom of choice around updates & upgrades

Unlike a traditional software development “roadmap”, Agresso now offers customers a choice of routes to create their own individual "journey", with plenty of opportunities to change and grow along the way.

Instead of big-bang upgrades, you can introduce new Experience Packs or upgrade to the latest version of one you’re already using, when you want, in the order you want, independent of the core platform or other Experience Packs. And, similarly, you can upgrade to the next new Milestone when it’s released, independent of any Experience Packs you might have installed.

No other ERP system gives you so much control and so much flexibility.

Join the journey

With the release of Milestone 4, gone is the all-or-nothing approach to upgrading, and in its place is a totally innovative upgrade concept. Your Users, your Business and your IT team can all now benefit from the best in next-generation ERP independence and agility, harnessing the latest steps forward in social, mobile, analytic and cloud technologies.

And we will continue to deliver steady progress through a series of more frequent, focused steps forward, in the shape of further:

  • Milestone Releases” – each one of these introduces new functionality across the complete UNIT4 Agresso software suite and is supplemented by scheduled software updates.
  • Experience Packs” – exciting new software packages that sit on top of the core Agresso platform and integrate with specific related Agresso modules to deliver a completely new user experience.
Read more about the ongoing Agresso journey.

Making the most of experiences

Each "Experience Pack" focuses on the needs of specific types of users of the Agresso solution, rather than being a numbered release affecting the entire product. Customers can "pick and choose" which experiences they wish to take, enabling them to focus on the advances that particularly matter for their organization, whilst simultaneously aiming to minimize any disruption or delay around getting upgrades in place. In short, customers can depend on Agresso to help them realize more benefits, more quickly.

Join our journey of independence

UNIT4’s next-generation “Independence” software strategy empowers Agresso users in four key ways:-

  1. By continuing to support limitless easy business change – via the Vita architecture.
  2. By allowing self-selection of new software experiences – via the delivery innovation introduced by our "journey" approach to ongoing releases.
  3. By adding post-implementation agility on the IT-deployment side – via on-premise or cloud delivery options.
  4. By offering additional choice to lower cost and enhanced agility – via a wide choice of complementing UNIT4 applications.

Further information

This website covers the UNIT4 group and offers you a high-level overview of our company as a whole. 

Please either visit your local UNIT4 website, to discover more about the Agresso solutions available in your region. 

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