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Success factors for the wholesale sector

Success in this sector depends on maintaining tight financial control and effective management over high volume/low margin operations. It is essential to identify and focus on the most profitable business and to optimize cashflow and debt. With clients utilizing more channels to market and demanding even greater flexibility on stock handling and added value services, wholesalers need the systems in place to deliver accurate real-time information and adjust easily and swiftly to changing requirements and new service models.

How can we help?

UNIT4 Agresso Wholesale is a dedicated, fully integrated ERP solution for customers in the wholesale sector. It is designed to be easy and quick to implement, to get you up and running and supporting your business more effectively – without delay and without business disruption or shut-down. Like all UNIT4 solutions, it also delivers the ongoing agility to help you adapt to changing circumstances and deliver the information and insights essential to continued business success.

It is a solution that:

  • enables your company to realize its goals
  • minimizes risks
  • can be implemented while your business remains open
  • is implemented by consultants who understand your business
  • is timely and cost effective to adjust long after the initial implementation.

As a result, you are better able to seize opportunities and avoid threats; optimizing business processes according to the needs of staff/users instead of forcing your business to conform to how the system works. Better still, all this flexibility is delivered as a standard packaged application so the costs for licences, any customization, implementation, release updates and management is kept attractively low.

What is the UNIT4 advantage?

The big difference between the Agresso Wholesale ERP solution and traditional ERP is that you can keep your system in step with the changing needs and structure of your organization – long after it is first put in place. This “post-implementation agility” is a fundamental part of our solution design.

Our Vita architecture keeps the system components for data, processes and information delivery in step with each other, ensuring that when a change is made in one area, it does not have to be redone and rechecked for accuracy in another. As a result, instead of being tied to a rigid information system that hinders your growth, your staff are better supported, empowered and can make most system changes themselves – dramatically reducing the spend and dependency on both scarce internal resources and expensive external assistance. This is true agility, which goes beyond delivering a low total cost of ownership by ensuring customers benefit from something even more significant: a low total cost of change.

Further information

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