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Enterprise scale capabilities - built in...

The UNIT4 Business Analytics platform enables rapid development and deployment of business applications that have enterprise-scale characteristics. Aspects such as security, monitoring, backup and scaling are built into the platform. The platform also offers advanced capabilities for managing the deployment of applications, such as the capability to run different versions for different users or to deploy the same one to different environments. Furthermore, the system keeps a complete history of an application’s evolution, which offers the possibility to track back in time to earlier versions. This enables you to work on different experimental versions, without disturbing your production environment. Each installation of UNIT4 Business Analytics can run a number of applications.

...easy portability...

The applications developed on the UNIT4 Business Analytics platform can also quickly be moved to other environments, as references to resources and data are easily replaced. This ability is the underpinning for the turnkey solutions obtainable from the platform. It allows you to rapidly get a solution up and running. Once a turnkey solution is deployed, one can rapidly evolve the solution or extend it, either by developing new content or importing other applications.

...flexible components...

The UNIT4 Business Analytics platform is a system comprising several runtime components that can be deployed in different configurations according to the requirements of the installation. It is possible to run it on a laptop or across a number of servers in the datacentre. The most common enterprise installation is two virtualized servers; one for the data layer and another for the application layer. The major components of the system are SQLServer and a JEE6-compliant server (usually Glassfish).

...straightforward interoperability...

The system interoperates well in enterprise environments and uses standardized mechanisms for communicating with infrastructure components. It can, for example, easily be integrated with user repositories such as Active Directory. UNIT4 Business Analytics can also expose web services that can be utilized for other applications and infrastructure to play a part in a larger process.

...creating a value chain

The core idea behind UNIT4 Business Analytics is to create a value chain with specialized workers, with more and more business-related information moving up the value chain, driving higher productivity and more relevant applications for the business. To achieve this, UNIT4 Business Analytics presents to developers a set of easily understandable concepts that can be assembled into applications. These can then be packaged into turnkey solutions to solve specific business problems. Turnkey solutions, or parts of turnkey solutions, can easily be assembled into composite solutions that can be used to manage an entire business. A simplified view on this can be seen in the graphic below. 

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This illustration presents a somewhat simplified view of the value chain, and each link in the chain may be implemented by a group of people. Also, some of the tasks in the chain may be completed in several parts of the links. The principle is sound though; each chain is specialized to do some specific things well. There is a flow of knowledge up and down the chain to provide the relevant outcomes. And, finally, the value chain is a part of a larger value-network. The technology functions as input to platform developers and customer problems drive it from the other end.   

Thus, combining standardized current technology components with industrial production principles, we strive to supply affordable feature rich applications to solve real business problems.

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