The UNIT4 Agresso Reports App

The UNIT4 Agresso Reports App

Overview and control of data and processes at all times

UNIT4 Agresso Reports is an application for mobile devices, designed for Businesses Living IN Change. The application has been developed for Android devices, iPhones and iPads and gives Agresso users access to Browser enquiries from these devices.

The application allows users to query any information they have access to in Agresso, without extra configuration, and gives users a full overview and control of their organisations’ data and processes at all times, no matter where they are (even when offline).

Key benefits

  • You can work offline - the app will save the status of your data from when you were last online.
  • You can create your own library of reports.
  • You can drag and drop columns in your reports as you feel fit.
  • You can query any information you have access to in Agresso, without any extra configuration.
  • You can rest assured that your business information is available to you quickly and efficiently, at all times.

How do you get it?

You need Agresso version 5.5.3 or later. You can then simply download the Agresso Reports App for free, by visiting the Apple App store or the Android market, searching for Agresso Reports and downloading it like any other app.  You can also go direct to the app for your device by scanning the corresponding QR code to the right of this page.

Further Information

This website covers the UNIT4 group and offers you a high-level overview of our company as a whole.  To discover more about our other mobile applications, please:

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iPhone and iPad

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