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Cloud Shared Services With Affordable Subscription-Based Pricing

In the drive to reduce costs and increase value for money, organizations are increasingly looking to share services across divisions and companies or even between separate entities.They are seeking to gain better control, reduce costs and increase their ability to respond to change 

The cloud has emerged as a model offering rapid deployment, instant scalability and almost limitless flexibility. 

Quick to establish, easy to grow and responsive to change

UNIT4 has responded to these demands by developing Shared Journey – a unique, standardized solution that offers organizations an unprecedented fast start to a uniquely agile, low cost future.

Shared Journey is a cloud-based deployment option for UNIT4 Agresso, designed for organizations looking to set up a shared services operation that is quick to establish, easy to grow and responsive to change.  It is aimed at groups of companies, public sector bodies or not-for-profit organizations looking to work together to drive down the cost and increase the added value of their back office operations.

Benefit from cloud computing

The UNIT4 solution is unlike competitive options, in that it allows each organization or division within the shared services operation to benefit from cloud computing while maintaining the highest level of independence and identity, without sacrificing the benefits for the group. 

Shared Journey helps customers:

  • To accommodate individual differences and divisions in organizations sharing services, while still gaining the full benefit of standardizing systems and processes. 
  • It supports different Chart of Accounts and business entity structures within a single instance.
  • Agresso's Vita architecture includes a highly flexible information model, for example allowing for the capture of non-financial data if needed by specific parts of the organization.
  • The unique architecture of Agresso means that shared services organizations can respond to change – simply and without restrictions.

Shared Journey also avoids the costly “it must be right from the start approach”:

  • The unique technology underpinning Shared Journey allows you to grow your shared services implementation without restrictions from just two (or a few) organizations to many, and improve the design and set-up along the way.
  • Agresso is NOT based on rigid code-blocks where only certain structures are possible.
  • An "evolve as you grow” approach can be followed to enable rapid starts.

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