Introducing: the Unit4 PSA Suite

Delivering PSA excellence

Unit4 is delivering the full PSA Suite required by professional services organizations (PSOs) to improve performance, based on real-time insight and enhanced visibility across all aspects of the business.

With the new Unit4 PSA Suite, PSOs of all sizes can benefit from either a powerful standalone cloud PSA solution, or they can implement the Suite on top of their ERP solution – including Unit4 Business World – which creates a full end-to-end solution for PSOs, as well as service divisions in non-PS organizations.

The Unit4 PSA Suite builds on the strengths of our already extensive solution for professional services organizations (PSOs). By integrating front-office PSA with the core ERP system, the Suite will empower PSOs to improve their operations, through efficient time and resource management.

Combining an industry-leading front end and the added advantage of seamless, native integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, the Unit4 PSA Suite is both born in the cloud and truly customer facing.

Significant advantages

Customers will benefit from:

  • True visibility into their services pipeline.

  • Engagement with opportunities earlier in the sales cycle, improving both win rates and utilization rates.

  • Better transition from sales into services for a seamless customer experience

  • The ability to determine the types of clients and projects that are a best fit.

  • A full 360-degree view of the customer through the sales and services cycle.

A Win:Win proposition

Unit4 and Assistance Software both specialize in delivering powerful industry-specific solutions. Together the companies will focus on extending the functionality and delivering pre-built content for key verticals within professional services but also extend the offering to other relevant project-based industries.

“As PSOs face increasing pressure to drive business transformation across all functions, automation and streamlining business processes is critical to their success,” said Stephan Sieber, CEO of Unit4. “Through a single end-to-end and intelligent enterprise solution, they can become more strategic and ensure efficiency and excellence in execution. With Unit4’s PSA Suite, our customers will benefit from an industry-tailored PSA solution, designed with the latest technology to simplify user experience and maximize productivity. It also supports our strategic partnership with Microsoft as Unit4’s preferred cloud deployment platform globally. Existing customers can derive additional value from their existing Unit4 PSA by adding a comprehensive front-end to our solution. Today’s news completes our visionary PS product portfolio.”

“Unit4 is a great fit for Assistance Software,” said Martijn van der Hoeden, Founder and CEO of Assistance Software. “We have the same vision and together we provide a state-of-the-art end-to-end solution for service-driven organizations. Combined with Unit4’s industry experience and knowledge, our customers will be the most productive and efficient in the industry.”