With many years of experience in this market, Unit4 has worked closely with thousands of service-oriented companies around the world that strive to lead, while managing business change:

  • Management IT Consulting and Support Services
  • Engineering and Environmental organizations
  • Architects

Our solutions provide a complete overview of your finances, people and projects and how they all relate and contribute to performance and results, while improving your business by:

  • Gaining control of people and projects.
  • Increasing project resource visibility and availability.
  • Improving project profitability.
  • Minimizing risk of project failure.
  • “We exist in a dynamic and fast changing project-based environment and from the wide range of products we looked at, Unit4's solution was the only one which could deliver comprehensive project accounting and management information to the standards we require.”

    - Project Manager, WSP

  • “We knew that with Unit4 we would benefit from a fully integrated, reliable, functionally rich and change embracing ERP platform. In addition we had the confidence that in selecting Unit4's HR solution, the integration between HR and finance would be seamless and require minimal, if any, manual intervention.”

    - National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL)

  • “Business as usual is the top priority for any company operating with multiple moving parts and a changing organizational structure...The {Siemens} merger was done surprisingly fast and smoothly...For us it's not a surprise that Unit4 can do this - we've successfully handled more than 20 other merged companies.”

    - Bravida

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  • “We chose Unit4 because it is focused on people-centric businesses, where project accounting is the top priority. Perhaps most importantly, the architecture and workflow simplifies functionality extensions for users. Only Unit4 combines robust and comprehensive features with a modern underlying technology and the ability to extend its capabilities with ease.”

    - The Judge Group

  • "I would have no hesitation in recommending Unit4 – it has proven a robust solution that has removed the uncertainty and fear associated with a rapidly changing environment."

    - Man Group

The Unit4 Business World solution: end-to-end efficiency and control

Agresso is now Unit4 Business World. Our cloud-based, project, HR and financial tools help businesses ensure the right people and consultants are available for the right projects at the right times – anywhere, anytime. Powerful reporting and analytics tools improve visibility into utilizations, projected revenue and 'what-if' scenarios to ensure consistent, planned and predictable revenue.

Using our vast experience of dealing with hundreds of dynamic, project-based services organizations, we have developed the Unit4 Project Lifecycle - designed to provide a complete solution to the management of the entire project cycle from the project creation, to final invoice and project closedown.

Plan / Get Work

Manage opportunities
Manage contacts, capture leads and opportunities, manage bids, and ensure that the transition from opportunity to live project is managed and controlled.

Project Planning
Unit4 Business World's Project Management capabilities enable optimal use of resources, as well as automation and tight management for all processes in a project.

Get a complete view of where resources are, their availability, and when and where they are needed most.

Business World's plan-to-budget process, unlimited templates, scenarios and possibilities help get the best project plan in place.

Do Work

Expenses and Timesheets
Quick, convenient recording of hours, expenses and team member availability - on desktop or mobile device.

Built-in Social and Collaboration tools allow your team to communicate within the system.

Reduce procurement administration and cost with significant efficiencies at all stages of the process.

Project Tracking
Track the progress of the project against the original plans, from inception to completion.

Reporting and Forecasting
Access user-oriented reporting at all levels of data while monitoring and forecasting, including costs and resources, to ensure the project is on track.

Plan / Do / Bill


Bill Work

Invoice Rules
Multiple billing options and invoice rules based on project structures.

Flexible approvals and fully integrated, automatic billing is tailored by customer or project.

Project Close
Summary reports by project, team members, timesheets, stats and more.

What makes us different...

Unit4 Business World is designed to help businesses cope with change. Changes to match new structures, processes and reporting requirements can swiftly and effectively be made by everyday users from the desktop. Business World bypasses the need for expensive consultants or busy IT staff.

Our project-based solutions meet people's needs across the organization:

Project Managers

  • Increase efficiency: Plan complex projects your way. Assign the right people with the right skills while identifying the appropriate reporting structure. Collaborate within the system to get answers fast.
  • Gain full project visibility: Get the full picture of all projects so you can plan, manage and track them more effectively and efficiently in real time. Focus on coming up with creative solutions for your clients.
  • Exceed client expectations: Deliver projects on time and under budget while accommodating continual changes thanks to better project visibility and planning.

HR Director

  • Skill and talent management: Plan and match skill levels to project requirements, ensuring the right people are working on the most appropriate projects at the right time.
  • Improve efficiency: Users can immediately post timesheets against projects and work-stages, saving time and money by reducing data duplication and speeding up the ‘new starter’ process to get your new recruits working and recording their work immediately.
  • Cost focus: Ensure your project time costs are as accurate as possible using powerful costing models.

Executive Team

  • Expand your system easily: Rolling out Business World to a newly acquired or merged company is easy thanks to our flexible architecture and user-friendly interface.
  • Collaborate = Motivate: Collaborate with your team to discuss key challenges through online chat and task sharing capabilities.
  • Respond with agility: Make changes to match new structures, processes and reporting swiftly and effectively via screen-based tools without the need for system reprogramming.

Finance Officer

  • Gain full financial control: View summary dashboards and drill all the way down to a specific invoice so you can analyze the business the way you need.
  • Optimize cash flow: Streamline financial AP/AR processes through integrated workflow and automation.
  • Proactive budgeting: Create top-down or bottom-up budgets, incorporating what-if scenarios.

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Case studies

  • Bravida

    Unit4 Business World ERP supports 20+ mergers for acquisitive Bravida – without disruption.

  • Cegeka

    Thanks to Unit4 Business World, IT company Cegeka can now generate reliable figures instantly.

  • Coor Service Management

    Nordic region's leading service management company sees vast expansion programme supported by Unit4 Business World.

  • Adecco

    Thanks to Unit4 Business World, Adecco can now generate reliable figures instantly so now there is only one set of facts.

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