Unit4's solutions for public sector and government organizations combine innovations in technology like cloud, social and mobile capabilities with a deep understanding of the sector challenges. They support financial management, procurement, HR and payroll, project management functions and processes that allow users to be efficient, effective and client focused while complying with regulations.

Today's Public sector organizations face constant pressure to contain costs, eliminate inefficiencies, and improve access to information. With an increasing emphasis on achieving value for money, accountability and ensuring continuous improvement, organizations must also deal with advances in technology, outsourcing and changes in work patterns.

From our experience with thousands of Public sector clients of all sizes we understand how it is more important than ever to:

  • quickly plan and execute the appropriate reactions to unexpected events;
  • maintain proper business visibility and control, to fulfil corporate governance and corporate responsibility obligations;
  • ensure decisions can be based on reliable, complete and current information.

And all this, while remaining focused on running operations as effectively as possible to maximize every opportunity and to deliver results, regardless of the prevailing conditions.

  • "We chose the Unit4 Local Government ERP platform to replace Oracle because it had the best fit for our procurement criteria."

    - Coventry City Council

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  • "We are confident our decision to consolidate to a single system will reduce costs significantly, even helping us become more profitable, and improve efficiency across the City."

    - City of Stockholm

  • "Unit4 has provided a comprehensive and powerful financial suite that gives us the flexibility to change as our city grows."

    - City of St. Albert

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  • "When you add all the savings up, we're talking about collectively saving what amounts to hundreds of thousands of dollars, and supporting growth needs using resources once spent elsewhere."

    - Township of Langley

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  • "The major achievement that we have brought about with the help of Unit4 has been the transformation of financial management in Oldham."

    - Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council

A complete ERP solution for Public sector organizations

Our solutions are ideal for organizations that need to be agile and respond to an ever-shifting set of requirements such as:

  • regulatory changes, reorganizations, public requests for information and elections;
  • fluctuating funding levels and new funding structures;
  • evolving regulatory and tax reporting requirements;
  • internal reorganizations and re-structuring;
  • fluid business processes and delivery of new services.

Unit4 Business World (formerly Agresso) is a fully-integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for core accounting/financials (AR, AP, GL), budgeting and forecasting, procurement, HR and payroll, project management; and managing field workers and asset maintenance staff, that can help you:

  • Improve efficiency with modern cloud-based ERP systems.
  • Eliminate the administrative burdens of managing disparate systems.
  • Identify opportunities to reduce spending.
  • Eliminate the cost of maintaining legacy systems.
  • Control risk and improve process controls.
  • Respond to changing requirements easily and cost-effectively.
  • Enable information delivery across your organization.
  • Utilize numerous deployment options – private cloud, public cloud, on-premise.

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What makes us different...

Organizations can implement Unit4 Business World in stages – as budgets allow, and increase scope later on without disruption. Users can make system changes without reliance on programming or external IT.

In systems from other vendors, changes often require programing or expensive external consultants, leading to more risk of operational disruption and higher costs. Business World’s unique architecture empowers users to make changes to the system, as the occasion demands (and permissions permit). For example:

Department reorganization
Users can make changes to structure, processes, reporting and other organizational requirements as necessary. These changes do not need to be "re-programmed".

Regulatory changes
Trained users can add new parameters to track, alter reporting and make system changes that will allow them to comply with, track and report on regulatory changes.

Population growth
As growth puts strains on current structures and programmes, users can make system changes to efficiently manage changes to organizational structure, processes, reporting etc.

Internal initiatives
A new internal initiative may require new reports - trained users can simply create the new report. Adding data in one place means it is automatically seen across the system.

By empowering users to change their own systems in response to new requirements, the Total Cost of Ownership of the Business World solution is significantly lower than other, more rigid systems.

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Case studies

  • City of Laguna Niguel

    The city of Laguna Niguel has seen major improvements in efficiency and reduction in costs since switching to the Unit4 Business World ERP solution.

  • Coventry City Council

    Unit4 Business World ERP Local Government Platform underpins a transformation programme that has saved over £3M to date.

  • Township of Langley

    Unit4 Business World ERP software shifts centralized tasks to self-service, vastly reducing paper/budget requests and management costs.

  • New Forest District Council

    New Forest District Council adapts to sector change with Unit4's Local Government ERP Platform.

Unit4 solutions for Public sector organizations

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