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To survive and thrive in such fast-changing times, your organization needs systems and processes that meet your current requirements and enable you to adapt easily to evolving business needs. Which means you need a partner that provides software solutions specifically designed to help you embrace change.

How can we help you?

As a long-established global business solutions provider, we offer a range of specialized business support to customers all around the world.  Our main areas of expertise are:

    • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

      Fully integrated, role-focused ERP solutions to support all your key business processes. Unlike traditional systems, our software has been designed from the ground up to help users easily adapt the system, in line with ongoing business or operational change. Read more about our ERP solutions on your local UNIT4 website.

    • Human Resource Management (HRM)

      Solutions covering all aspects of HR, payroll, talent management and recruitment (delivered as either specific stand-alone systems or as a total people management software suite), enabling the operational agility to better manage every stage in the employee lifecycle – from recruitment to retirement – no matter what changes along the way. Read more about our HRM solutions or find out more on your local UNIT4 website.

    • Financial Management

      A choice of models for achieving world-class financial management, to suit your business and IT strategy:

      • as part of a fully integrated, agile ERP solution
      • as best-of-class software solutions (delivered either “on premise” or “on-demand”) with unrivalled interoperability.
      Each of our approaches is distinguished by a continued ability to embrace change – long after initial implementation. Read more about our Financial Management solutions.
    • Business Analytics

      While more traditional, established Corporate Performance Management (CPM) products serve very large corporations with large IT and business analysis teams, UNIT4 offers the optimal solution for Businesses Living in Change (BLINC) of every size and type and to every employee or partner.

      Our Business Analytics solution simplifies performance management and enables widespread adoption across the entire organisation. It allows managers at all levels to quickly and easily understand targets, pinpoint problems, find answers and confidently make informed decisions – in a collaborative way. Read more about UNIT4 Business Analytics.
    • Consolidation & Cash

      A suite of best-of-class, proven global solutions that help even the largest or most complex multi-company and international organizations deliver group accounting, statutory reporting, intercompany netting and cash planning more quickly, simply and consistently – however the group grows or changes. Read more about our Consolidation & Cash solutions or find out more on your local UNIT4 website.

    • Financial Audit

      A best-of-class solution to support fast, simple and cost-effective financial auditing and the provision of management information. It boosts productivity and accuracy by delivering the information you need – more quickly, more reliably and more consistently. Read more about our Financial Audit solutions or find out more on your local UNIT4 website.

    • Shared Services

      UNIT4 offers a number of software platforms that are ideal for organizations running shared service centres. Whether you want an ERP solution to run your entire operation, or an international financial management system that you can plug into your existing operational systems, we can offer the right solution for you.

      Our solutions can run in a single instance, supporting multiple companies or divisions in one country or many. Scalable and easy to integrate, they are designed for Business Living in Change – so you can support the changing needs of your internal ‘customers’ quickly, simply and with minimal cost. Find out more about Shared Journey our cloud based shared services platform or read our brief guide to shared services.

    • Cloud Computing Solutions

      In addition to our unrivalled breadth and depth of on-premise business software, we have a growing number of on-demand solutions, including the world’s first unified ledger enterprise-level “cloud accounting” application. Read more about our cloud deployment advantages.

    • Expert software services

      All our solutions are underpinned by a wealth of consultancy, training and support expertise to assist our customers. This expertise complements your organization's own resources, enabling you to optimize your UNIT4 products for your specific needs and maximize the return on your investment. Read more about our Expert Services on your local UNIT4 website.

    • Regional solutions

      Our internationally available solutions are complemented by various regional specializations that are available from one or more of our teams around the world. These offer an even broader range of support for the requirements of customers in specific sectors and locations or with specialized business processes. Read more about the full range of solutions available from your local UNIT4 team.

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