Why Unit4?

  • At a glance

    Built on Windows technology, the Unit4 Dream accounting solution offers multi-company and multi-currency capabilities, powerful user-defined input and a flexible accounting structure in a unified ledger. Combined with strong integration capabilities, Unit4 Dream has a logical design which is remarkably easy to implement and use. With Dream you are in control of your finances.

  • A better solution

    As a best-of-class solution, Unit4 Dream is a stand-alone accounting system but it is also designed to fit seamlessly into your existing IT infrastructure and to work with any of your other business systems – without impacting them. It is the ideal solution for organisations that have outgrown their current Finance system and it is suitable across any industry sector.

    While finance users will benefit most, due to the flexibility and ease of use of the system, Unit4 Dream can be used across the entire organisation.

    Quite simply, Unit4 Dream is the finance engine for your business, offering:

    Flexibility: Easy to adapt to fit company’s business processes, with multi-company, multi-currency and multi-ledgers.

    Integration: Offers extensive interoperability - its API and web services toolset integrates with other business systems.

    Ease of use: Fast, easy to implement and extremely user friendly.

    Functionality: Provides extensive functionality as standard. This functionality can be extended with a range of additional modules if required. For example Unit4 Travel and Expenses

    Dynamic: DreamView provides seamless access to Microsoft Excel, dynamically offering ‘up to the minute views’.

    Reporting: Dream Reporter and Unit4 Report Designer deliver comprehensive user-designed reports.

    Data: Financial data doesn’t exist separately, providing immediate access to data.

    User-defined input: Enables you to define input screens as required.


  • Cloud at your Speed

    Enabling your team to fully control your move to the cloud securely - at the speed you require.

    • Flexible: you choose if and when to transition your solutions to the cloud, with minimal effort.
    • Standardised: Easy to implement and use, with low implementation costs, and vastly reducing the time to value. 
    • Ready to use: Access your software anywhere, anytime, with any device without delay.
    • Business continuity: Continually benefit from the latest innovations with our cloud options - without extra configuration or extensive testing.

    With Cloud at your Speed, you have full control of what goes on the cloud, and when it gets there.

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Our Customers

  • “Unit4 Dream, with its fully integrated ledger system, meets our requirements exactly and has proven to give us a stable base to work from, creates efficiencies across the department, allows us to easily interrogate the data and drive an informed approach to decision making.”

    Finance Director, Paperchase

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  • “My fellow directors remain amazed at how quickly we can access analysis of any part of the business and the quality of reporting and level of understanding of our performance are second to none.Unit4 Dream gives us a real competitive advantage and is a solution that helps us embrace change without fear. It’s a joy.”

    Finance Director, Bailey Robinson

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  • "The technical expertise and experience from Unit4 was essential in enabling us to unlock the full potential of the Dream software and we have realised significant efficiency savings across our Finance department as a result."

    Dan Tomkins, Head of Finance, Westmorland Limited

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Key Advantages

Flexibility: With multi-company, multi-currency and multi-ledgers, Unit4 Dream adapts to fit your business processes, offering great agility as you grow.

Integration: Unit4 Dream offers extensive interoperability - its API and web services toolset integrates with your other business systems.

Ease of use: Unit4 Dream is fast, efficient, easy to implement and extremely user friendly with user-defined screens and inherent flexible account structure.


Functionality:  It is quick and easy to extend Unit4’s Dream’s core functionality through the addition of new modules.

Reporting: DreamView provides seamless at-a-glance access to Microsoft Excel, while Dream Reporter and Unit4 Report Designer deliver comprehensive user-designed reports.

Data: Unit4 Dream’s ‘single, unified ledger’ means that financial data doesn’t exist separately, eliminating repetition; removing the need to reconcile and allowing immediate access to data.

Key Capabilities

Unit4 Dream is a fully-featured accounting system that provides a range of benefits, and real answers to issues faced by many organisations as it delivers:

Unified accounting around a single unified ledger – Dream provides the core nominal, purchase, sales and cash ledgers; additional ledgers that may be applicable to your business; administrative purchasing; fixed asset accounting; and reporting. Unlike modular systems, the ledgers in Dream do not exist separately but are held within one combined database.

Best-of-class, flexible, scalable, user defined accounting - Dream is a dedicated financial software solution that integrates easily with your other business systems and covers a broader and deeper range of accounting functions than you would find in the accounts module of most multi-purpose ERP systems. In addition, it provides flexible and scalable, user-defined accounting that not only suits your current requirements but can also react rapidly to match and keep pace with your business as it grows and changes.

User defined input - This popular and unique feature allows you to define and design your own screens to suit your requirements. It ensures rapid familiarity with the system while minimising training needs; making sure your team will feel confident with the system from day one.

Procurement –integrated corporate accounting and purchasing. Dream’s integral order processing functionality offers a seamless approach to accounting and purchasing. This is supported by the latest mobile technologies for document authorisation and integration via web services allowing browser-based procurement tools to streamline, simplify and improve the purchase-to-pay process. This gives fast, controlled access to key procurement functions, helping to keep your administrative costs low and opening up the benefits of controlled, online purchasing from your chosen suppliers.

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