Our company

Unit4 is a leading provider of enterprise solutions empowering people in service organizations. Unit4 operates on a global scale with annual revenue over $550M and more than 4,200 employees world-wide.
In North America, Unit4 delivers ERP, industry-focused and best-in-class solutions that focus on a range of industries including professional services, education, public services, non-profit, wholesale, financial services and more.
Unit4 is in business for people.


Unit4 Worldwide

Founded – 1980

Group Website – www.unit4.com

Results – annual revenue of $550 million in 2014

Employees – 4,200

Customers – Serving over 30,000 customers worldwide

Locations –

Further information

This website covers Unit4 in Canada and the US, and offers you a high-level overview of Unit4’s North American operation of our company.