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Microsoft and Unit4: One Step Closer to “Self-Driving” ERP

Posted by  Scott Kamieneski

At Unit4, we think ERP should be an intelligent system that pro-actively warns, predicts and advises based on historical data, trends and users’ patterns like their whereabouts and meeting agenda topics. We also think everything should be contained within the system, eliminating the need for dozens of emails, complex Excel spreadsheets and multiple add-on software solutions to perform specific tasks.

Yesterday we announced Unit4’s alliance with Microsoft Azure that will bring us one step closer to our vision of self-driving ERP. Our joint development team will boost the speed of innovation by combining the capabilities of Azure’s PaaS and Office 365 with Unit4’s People Platform.

Unit4’s Business World ERP is based on the .NET platform and closely aligns with the smart technology in Azure’s PaaS and Microsoft Office elements including predictive analytics, machine learning, event stream analysis and complex event processing.

Our team will integrate Business World with Office and Azure to derive contextual information such as email, calendars, instant messaging and more. Functions that previously took time and precision will be automatically fulfilled, freeing up people to focus on the exceptions that require human intervention.

  • Professional services firms will be able to combine an analysis of historical data with predictive analytics to gain valuable insight and assist with decision making such as which projects to bid on.
  • Public sector organizations will improve fraud detection on bill payments with advanced pattern recognition and machine learning.
  • Not-profit organizations will have the ability to match campaigns to donation patterns and target donors more effectively.

We are also looking forward to Azure’s IaaS, which will help us to continue to enable cloud deployment Your Way, not dictated by rigid requirements. Public or private cloud, on-premises deployment, or a hybrid combination are all at our customers’ hands, offering flexibility and a highly scalable ramp up with no business disruptions.

In this exciting age of innovation and growth, Unit4 is proud to lead the way in meeting industry demand and creating outstanding value and experience for users of enterprise software.

Scott Kamieneski Unit4 in North America

Scott Kamieneski

Scott Kamieneski, Senior Vice-President and Managing Director of Unit4 North America, oversees the operations, product and business development efforts for North America. Scott has a wealth of experience in the technology sector and has led North American and international teams responsible for hundreds of millions in revenue. Scott enjoys a great reputation for driving extraordinary revenue growth by relentlessly focusing on customer success. Prior to Unit4, he built and led high performance, best-in-class teams at industry leaders such as, Oracle and SAP. Scott earned an MBA at the University of Notre Dame and a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Information Technology from the University of Massachusetts Lowell. Scott is also a non-practicing Certified Public Accountant.

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