Unit4 is committed to the personal development of its people. Unit4 Hackfests are a great way to explore new ideas and experiment with new technologies, all as part of a team that has the best collective skills and experience in the world.


A Hackfest is similar to a Hackathon, where a group of people gather for a short period of time (3-5 days) to solve a specific problem or explore opportunities around a specific technology. The goal is to deliver a proof-of-concept solution that ideally is later progressed to production. Unit4 and Microsoft have held several Hackfests together, covering a range of topics including: architecture of Unit4 SaaS solutions in Azure, Automated Deployment and Monitoring in Azure, and DevOps. The Unit4 and Microsoft Hackfests have been held on the Microsoft Campus in Redmond, Washington together with Azure engineers and product owners, as well as in Oslo, Norway with Microsoft Developer Experience team members that have extensive practical field knowledge.

Our Unit4 and Microsoft Hackfests show that the dedicated focus and strong team environment found in a Hackfest delivers amazing results in a short period of time. Plus, Hackfests are fun! Hackfests don’t end at 5pm – some of the best discussions and ideas come while enjoying food and drinks with the team. Hackfests quite often result in new, long-lasting friendships with people from around the world.– Ryan Gloeckler, principal cloud architect, Unit4.

It was, and constantly is, a very exciting journey and true partnership with Unit4; our Hackfests motions combine amazing people, both from Unit4 and Microsoft, in continuous pursuit to deliver world-class, business-oriented and innovative results to their solutions portfolio!
– Aleksandar Đorđević, Technical Evangelist, DevOps, Developer Experience & Evangelism (DX), Microsoft.