Unit4 is in business for people and as a people-centric business we know how closely linked the health of the company is to the health of our people.


Recently we launched the Unit4 Cares Foundation, a Unit4 fund to help make life easier for colleagues, their partners, or children suffering from serious or terminal illnesses. At the same time, we want to do all we can to prevent our people from becoming sick and run down in the first place. Something that is all too common in today’s ‘always on’ work culture.

With that in mind, we are working together with internal sports ambassadors in many of our offices to launch a new health initiative - Unit4 Moves - with the aim to promote and facilitate exercise and well-being (body & mind) at work. The benefits of regular exercise are proven and plentiful. It helps prevent and manage a wide range of health problems; leaves you feeling happier and more relaxed; and it boosts your energy so you have more stamina to tackle daily chores -  both professionally as well as personally.

We realize that taking care of your health is a very individual thing and not all of us have the ambition or the physical capabilities to, for instance, run marathons.