Our Fall 2018 release delivers significant product enhancements

Posted by  Thomas Staven

We released significant product enhancements for our Fall 2018 release, including enhancements to the most advanced Digital Assistant in the industry, and our People Platform supporting simple creation of self-driving routines and apps. 

With these new capabilities, customers can provide their people with a completely new user experience that takes away necessary but frustrating administration, while benefiting from access to the vital business data required to deliver services that really add value. Unlock the power of Unit4 Business World innovations.

We have previewed much of the Fall 2018 release across our product suite to customers at recent Unit4 Connect events around the world. The annual series which kicks off in Amsterdam with an Ambassadors event in May, culminated with our North America event, this year held in October in Indianapolis. We received fantastic feedback on the enhancements, many of which have been created in response to customers ensuring they have what they need to be productive, efficient and compliant. 

Here are some of the highlights this Fall: 

Microservices-based Extension Kit extends ERP with focused task apps  

We’re making our People Platform Extension Kit more widely available for customers and partners that want to simply create their own focused task apps as an extension to their enterprise solutions. As organizations modernize their business models to engage people in new ways, Unit4 is providing customers and partners with the freedom to develop differentiating front-end applications, that benefit from the critical data held in their back-office systems. 

Maintaining our focus on a new kind of user experience 

Business World Fall 2018 makes our digital assistant Wanda available to more customers that want to benefit from a true self-driving user experience. Providing a friendly and simple gateway to data in the ERP system, Wanda is an out-of-the-box cloud service that adds a level of intelligence and context to suggest actions and help users complete tasks quickly. Unit4 was the first to launch its Digital Assistant, Wanda, to the industry. Investment in Wanda continues, and customer demand requires a focus on making it multi-lingual. With the Fall ’18 release, it already supports English, Dutch, Norwegian and Swedish, and is expected to support more languages early next year including French and German. Other languages will be added in time. The Assistant is currently available via a user’s messaging app and understands natural language questions and commands. A voice-enabled proof of concept has been delivered and will be released in the future as adoption demands. 

Industry-focused ERP with enterprise scale AI-powered performance management 

Combined with our industry leading Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution, Prevero, our global products provide advanced AI-driven data analytics driving new levels of data-based decision making. It means customers benefit from fast and frequent high-quality business analytics, forecasts and budgets that ensure effective decision making. On desktops or mobile devices, exec teams and decision makers across a business can benefit from this new source of business support and ways of collaborating on common sets of meaningful data. As well as taking automation to a much higher level, effectively self-driving and freeing people to focus on more value-add work, it makes decision makers smarter, so they can take a new perspective on their business and become much more forward looking. 

New revenue management capabilities 

Our Fall 2018 release of Business World brings enhancements to our solution that fully automates revenue recognition and accounting processes for IFRS 15 and ASC 606, helping customers achieve compliance with the latest standards even more efficiently. Accounting for revenue from contracts with customers is now a highly automated process determining when to recognize revenue and at what amount.  

Additionally, Prevero, delivers full support for the new IFRS 16 lease accounting standard which comes into force in January. Customers can collect, structure and document all existing and future leasing contracts within the company or group; reassess on-balance sheet leases; and manage changes to operational calculations and performance indicators. 

New sub-contractor management module 

In response to customer demand, we have developed an entirely new module for sub-contractor management which we’re making available for early adoption. This is a new module for customers, predominantly in the construction industry, that are looking to manage their relationship and use of subcontractors. It includes a new Contract Master file specifically designed for managing subcontractors, end-to-end subcontractors order management, and support for handling the payment process all the way from of a payment request through validation and submitting the actual payment.  

Enhancements to our solution for estate and asset management 

Increased digitalization has seen many of our customers requesting an innovative property management solution. Business World delivers instant access to easy-to-digest property information, with the capability to drill down to the detail. Customers can maximize their income while ensuring the best customer service. They can maximize rent and service charge collection efficiency and gain revenue from added value services. Our cloud and mobile solution ensures portfolio data can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Customers across a number of industries benefit from automated and streamlined leasing and property and facilities management and accounting in a single solution. Our highly visual dashboards can be configured for different users delivering an effective mobile user experience. 

Find out more about our people-centered cloud ERP. 

Thomas Staven

Thomas Staven

Thomas is passionately dedicated to technology innovation and delivering great experiences and business value to customers and has spent the last 16 years within Global R&D/Global Product Management and Global Sales at Unit4 in driving the ERP vendor's focus on delivering innovative enterprise solutions.

Currently Thomas is driving the Unit4 ERP strategy and working closely with the Innovation Lab as Product Strategist, all to deliver the future ERP and bring innovative technologies such as machine learning, AI, chat bots etc. to the world of Business Software.

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