Being 'in business for people' inspires me every day

Posted by  Elena Sanchez Klett

When I was a little girl, I regularly told my parents “I am going to be a doctor, I want to heal people”. They were very enthusiastic about the idea of course, until I turned 18 and changed my mind. Sadly for my parents, that dream never came true.

A medicine degree took so long that I decided to become a design engineer instead, so I could “create new things and help the world with my new inventions.”

But I quickly had a big wake-up call! After becoming an engineer and not enjoying the job one bit, I became a marketeer for a software company 14,000Km away from my parents and my hometown in Spain. So, for the last nine years now, I have been happily calling Singapore home.

I don’t save lives or directly create new inventions that could change the world, but I have joined a company that creates software that improves thousands of people’s lives. I’m proud to be a cog in the wheel of a company with such a strong people-focused vision.

My most rewarding days at work are when I hear customer’s compliments and stories about how much time the software has saved them, how much ROI they got back or how the user experience has improved for their people. This always makes my day. For example, we have helped a well-known hospital in Singapore save 6,400 hours annually through process automation so their people can focus on what really matters – their patients. This and hundreds of other examples inspire me every day.

My humble team and I are here to promote the value of our software, how it can improve productivity and the experience people have at work every day. A very worthwhile endeavour.

Funnily enough, every time my 2-year-old daughter plays at being a doctor, I feel as though my parents must have done when I was a girl.  However, when asked, she’s adamant she wants to be a “princess” when she grows up. No matter what she chooses, I really hope it’s something that she feels is worthwhile, somewhere she can make a difference, no matter how small.

Elena Sanchez Klett

Elena is presently the Head of Marketing for APAC at Unit4 Asia Pacific. 

She has more than 12 years of experience in Marketing Management. She holds 2 Master’s degrees plus an Engineering Degree and studied in multiple countries including Cambridge University, United States and some reputable Spanish Universities.

At Unit4, she is responsible for the APAC marketing strategy, demand generation, digital marketing, business development and expanding the Unit4 brand in the region. 

Originally from Spain, she moved to Singapore in 2010. Prior to joining Unit4, Elena worked for other software and IT firms in Singapore and Spain.

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