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Utilizing new technologies to add value to your business is the key to success in today’s fast-changing climate. Unit4 Business World On! helps you unlock your team’s potential while adapting to new opportunities. You benefit from the latest digital innovations, which underpin Unit4’s Self-Driving ERP vision, like predictive analytics and sentiment analysis. Complex data becomes smart information.
Here’s a quick snapshot of some of the most recent advances.

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To better meet the needs of our customers, we have invested many hours of product development time, added new applications and delivered enhancements to fine-tune existing capabilities.
There has never been a better time to upgrade your solution – explore this slideshare to discover the latest innovations in Unit4 Business World On!
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"Spring 17 Overview of new capabilities and key deliverables"
Get first-hand insights from Unit4’s Product Strategist Thomas Staven, as he walks you through the latest news and enhancements in Unit4 Business World On!
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  • Discover a few of the highlights of Business World On! Spring 2017

    • Project 360 Workspace
      provides a single entry point for the Project Manager.
    • Performance Management Dashboards
      are provided out of the box for Professional Services Organizations.
    • Field Service Management
      includes enhancements to Field Service Mobile, Service Planner and Asset Inspections.
    • People Planner and Project Planner
      provides improved visibility into future resource demand by category of resource.
    • Participant costing
      has been enhanced in Unit4 Research solution with a specific focus on price lists.
    • Dynamic forms and Dynamic financial forms
      for non-financial users have been significantly enhanced.
    • Unit4 Expenses App
      enhancements including Unit4 Receipt Recognition Service (URRS) means that Unit4 is delivering on the promise of Self-driving ERP.
    • Mass changing of credit control data 
      provides enhanced support for the credit control process.
    • Document archive enhancements 
      provides better structured views of your documents.
    • Workflow approval 
      of user and role connections provides a better audit trail.
    • E-mail approval 
      of workflow tasks on web or mobile app reduces response time to any workflow task.
    • Information Browser 2.0 
      supports report creation on web and has been extended with strong analysis capabilities.
    • Multi-post sick pay 
      supports calculation of sick pay for employees with different concurrent positions.
    • Absence entry 
      mobile app is now available.
    • Webification of Financials 
      removes dependency on Smart Client.
    • Process Designer 
      for web provides all the benefits of the powerful workflow engine on web.
  • Drive performance and add extra strategic value

    Here is an additional licensed application suite that offers a powerful way to build upon what you can already achieve within the core Business World On! ERP application.
    • Combine Unit4 Business World On! and Unit4 Performance Management (prevero) – smarter processes and augmented intelligence to boost productivity and drive performance:
      • Replace complex and error-prone spreadsheets with a single, consistent platform for consolidation, reporting, analytics, dashboards, team collaboration, integrated business planning, and financial budgeting.
      • Cover all planning horizons (short-, medium, long-term) and a wide range of categories, including: planning cash flow, managing operational budgets, forecasting sales, costs and revenue, or reporting on single entity or group financial performance.

    Get smarter budgeting and planning

    Discover how Hotels & More has transformed its finance function with an integrated financial planning solution to improve margins and drive growth in the business.

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"Before [upgrading], our staff struggled to stay on top of work they didn't have time for; now we have been able to reallocate resources to other tasks, such as data analysis"
Ken Roggeman, Director of Finance,
Resort Municipality of Whistler