16 ways to boost productivity when working from home, part 3 – personal wellbeing
16 ways to boost productivity

16 ways to boost productivity when working from home, part 3 – personal wellbeing

How do you learn the art of productivity working from home every day?  We’ve compiled some tips to help you understand how to be your most productive self, covering 3 key areas.

In this final part, we’re focusing on personal wellbeing and the importance of looking after yourself when working from home to become more productive and happier.

Important Note: ’What is productivity?’

Before you embark on any productivity journey, you need to understand what we mean by productivity:

Were under the misguided presumption that more work leads to more productivity when the opposite is actually true — chronic stress eats away at any chance for a productive workplace, or high employee engagement. Chronic stress undermines the culture and leads to fatigue, anxiety, and confusion about priorities. Dr. Leah Weiss [1]

Working longer doesn’t mean you’re doing more. That’s the biggest misconception about productivity.

Productivity is about achieving more, yes, but productive people don't focus on how many tasks they do, they take the time to do tasks fully, and people benefit from a job well done.

Look after You.

Productive people look after themselves first and foremost, which shows in the results they achieve. Here are a few tips to get you started on the road to productivity.

  • Take more time off: Yep, that’s right, taking more holidays will make you more productive. Even if going nowhere makes taking holiday seem pointless, it might be the key to happier, more productive days.
  • Get out and about: Staying cooped up inside 24/7 will drive you crazy fast, but it will also destroy your productivity. Get out at least once every day. The exercise will do you good, but it’s also about a change of scene, the opportunity to refocus, the Vitamin D and general wellbeing. It’s key to a happier, more productive you.
  • Eat better, work better: As cliché as it sounds, ‘healthy body, healthy mind’,’really works. Productive people don’t work more than other people, they simply work smarter and look after themselves. Again, don’t fall into the trap of thinking hours means the same as work. Hunger, tiredness, bad diet, lack of exercise all impact energy levels, ability to focus, and, ultimately, your productivity.
  • Make an effort: Rolling out of bed and spending the day in your PJ’s might seem like the easiest option when WFH, but it’s a trap you don’t want to fall into. Create a routine in the morning that helps to energize you and stick to it.
  • Clock off: It’s important when WFH to separate your work life and your home life. When work is finished, stop working and try to put your workspace/computer out of view. Stepping away helps you come back fresh and ensures a productive mindset when it’s time to work.


[1] Dr. Leah Weiss, Stanford University, Vackay the Wrike Way Article, by Laura Quiambo, July 15, 2019.