4 ways integrating your PSA software drives optimal utilization

Posted by  Gonçalo Leitão

The power to react to internal, market and regulatory changes is a competitive advantage for professional services organizations. You have to be able to understand the signals coming from your project management software by integrating it with your other systems. Having confidence in the accuracy of the information you're using to make decisions is vital. Only by having access to a complete view of the organization can you start to work smart and allocate intelligently.

1. Unlock predictive analytics – The combined knowledge and experience of every COO and project and resource manager in your business lies in your historical project plans. Why not mine your resource management tools to find templates for current projects and use the achieved utilization rate as a benchmark to improve upon?

2. Drive up standards by measuring everything – The ability to view and measure all aspects of your business – from the resource management system, HR, finance and beyond – is key. SPI Research puts the value of “integrated business applications which provide real-time visibility of all aspects of the business” at $235,000 per project.

3. Plan and execute efficiently – Joining up disparate finance, HR and professional services automation systems puts project planning at the heart of everything you do. Finance teams can align costs and revenues, delivery teams focus on quality and productivity and, ultimately, allow consultants’ time to be optimally utilized. 4. Understand the true cost of change – Change happens, but it is driven by different teams at different times and at different speeds. Enterprise resource planning software that can be easily changed when needed by in-house IT resource protects your bottom line and doesn’t hardwire hidden costs. Visit projects.unit4.com to find out more about how you can become a Utilization Hero.

Gonçalo Leitão

Gonçalo Leitão

Gonçalo Leitão joined Unit4 in 2014 to lead the new global services organization. Gonçalo is responsible for supporting clients in driving high-performance from their Unit4 solutions, from Consulting to Maintenance and Support. Gonçalo joined Unit4 from Atos, where he was the Senior Vice-President for SAP services globally. Prior to Atos Gonçalo had a long and successful career at SAP where, among other responsibilities, he held the positions of Senior Vice-President of Services and COO, EMEA and Latin America.

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