Bringing Slack to Unit4 project communities

Posted by  Emma Keates

We made an important announcement today of a new integration with Slack.com, the popular messaging app for business teams. For service teams working with our Business World ERP, it means they don’t always have to be logged into the system but can keep up on project status through the Slack.com mobile app, and conversations can be extended to customers and other external stakeholders. Updates in Unit4’s Communities workspace become part of their Slack stream and vice versa.

Project teams can benefit from having all communications in one place, mobile-enabled, replacing the need for project-related in-team email. Teams can organize conversations in open channels related to a specific project, topic, team or customer for example, increasing productivity and efficiency.

This integration changes the way teams collaborate, manage projects and deliver services. Great for business and great for customers. This type of simple user-led development geared towards delivering superior customer service is defining the future for ERP applications. 

Holger Mueller, VP & Principle Analyst at Constellation Research published an analysis of the integration with Slack.com. Key remarks include:

  • Good formulation of the need for rigidity for scale (as often found in ERP software) and the flexibility for agility (as often found in collaboration software) and how Unit4 plans to deliver on these. Mastering the integration in a light weight ‘automagical’ fashion in one of the holy grails in enterprise software – often searched for – not really fully reached - so far. 
  • A good move by Unit4, delivering a proof point of people centric ERP.
  • Slack is the collaboration tool that has captured a lot of mind share and is highly desirable for enterprise users to use. Traditionally both enterprise IT and enterprise vendors have been slow at offering support for these tools, creating frustration in the user base. With Unit4 supporting bi-directional integration with Slack it not only shows people centricity in product, but also in user appreciation. 
  • This capability is a win for both vendors, more importantly for busy users in enterprises that need to connect their enterprise processes with collaboration capabilities.

We're excited about this one. Great to see it being received so well.

Emma Keates

Emma Keates

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