Exciting developments in Field Service Management

Posted by  Ian Edwards

With the latest release of Unit4 Business World, we are delivering a world class Field Service Management (FSM) solution to customers.

Much of the new development was done in partnership with a Swedish customer Riksbyggen, the largest housing association in Scandinavia, who wanted to provide a first class property maintenance response service for their tenants. The new features extend the overall solution capabilities of FSM and include:
• Field Service Mobile – a mobile field service solution on the Unit4 Mobile Platform.
• Service Planner – for workforce management.
• Asset Inspections – for scheduling and distribution of inspection checklists.

New – Field Service Mobile 
Field Service Mobile is our first release of a Unit4 mobile solution for FSM. The solution is designed and developed with simplicity as our primary focus, taking full account of the needs of fast moving tradespeople undertaking urgent, sometimes critical, property repairs. All the details of the work required are delivered with location information supported by maps. Two way communication is fully catered for, allowing the operatives to collaborate with their supervisor and colleagues to get the work done efficiently and report back quickly before moving on to the next job.

New – Service Planner
In a fast moving field service business environment planning and scheduling the work is a critical function. Dealing with rapidly changing priorities, a mobile workforce and often customers in distress, it is vital to have the system capability to support the dynamic assignment and re-assignment of resources to jobs. Service planner is an exciting new Unit4 Business World release that provides exactly that dynamic support that is needed. Service Planner displays Service Orders in a workforce management screen where they can be assigned quickly and easily. From there the assignment can be delivered to Field Service Mobile.

New – Asset Inspections
Field Service organizations carry our repairs to their customers’ property and assets for a commercial profit, however, many of our customers in Education, Public Services, Not For Profit/NGO and Real Estate use FSM to manage their own property assets. It is important for these customers that not only do they carry our efficient repairs, but also they ensure that their property assets are in good condition through regular checks and inspections; failure to do this may result in critical asset failure that could seriously impact the running of the organization. Asset Inspections is a new extension of the capabilities of FSM to incorporate that process of inspections. It does this through the configuration by the customer of the check lists to be created and then connecting these checklists to a schedule of inspections. The result of these inspections could be a positive confirmation of good condition, or it could be the start of a repairs process that can be initiated from the inspection. All inspection details captured can then be visible when looking at the asset object record.


Ian Edwards