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Posted by  Evelien van Loon

Last weekend we had our successful Hack4Culture event - an all-night hackathon in the beautiful Polish Wroclaw’s Centennial Hall. Sixteen teams (63 students/software developers in total) participated in this event to produce the best and interactive application, connecting its users with the culture & cultural events in Wroclaw, the European Capital of Culture 2016.


We worked together with eKultura, a foundation that supports creative, virtual and innovative projects, supporting the cultural and social heritage of Wroclaw. Through their work they want to respond to the challenges of virtual reality and the needs and wants of younger generations.

The teams

In the night from 15 to 16 April, sixteen teams worked full throttle to translate their ideas into a fully functional application. You could feel the spirit of competition and cooperation floating in the air while participants worked hard on their projects. The organizers and Unit4 mentors did their best to provide all assistance necessary for the teams.

The winners

The first prize (both the choice of the jury and audience) went to team “Allegro” with their Kubot project - an application which automatically informs its users about interesting cultural events in the direct area. The application filters events according to the users’ taste. It ‘talks’ with the user, making the whole experience very much like a human to human interaction.

The second prize went to team “Cluster of Disaster” with their Tindart project - like the well-known app Tinder, this application enables its users to set their preferences on art and the app suggests the corresponding cultural events where you can meet people with similar tastes.

A special prize funded by our partner Microsoft went to team “Mippit” with their Kludge project - it’s a simple application for street artists in particular. The users are able to inform other users where and when they are performing on the street. While using the app and watching the street artists, the users and audience can donate money to the performers.

Łukasz Wierzchowski, Site Director R&D Unit4: “I would like to thank everyone for their great efforts during the Hack4Culture. This was the best organized open event I’ve ever seen, and one of the best hackathons in whole Wroclaw so far!”

Evelien van Loon

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