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Posted by  Jami Morshed

Progressive universities understand the positive impact modern technology can have on delivering an excellent and differentiating student experience. We announced this week that Reykjavik University and The Royal College of Music are the latest to sign for our new modern Student Management system. Heidar Jon Hannesson, Reykjavik University’s Executive Director of IT said that they want to ensure their IT infrastructure delivers a great user experience by leveraging new digital technology advances. They recently upgraded their internal network to the latest technology and Wifi standards to prepare the Campus for IoE and the flood of Bring-Your-Own student gadgets. Now they are taking the next step by reviewing and redesigning all their workflow and processes related to student lifecycle management and teaching. 

This is what we’re hearing from all our education customers. Elly Taylor, Academic Registrar at the Royal College of Music says they selected Unit4 Student Management because they want to communicate with prospective and existing students on their terms, using digital technology. She also says social and mobile must be at the core of the technology they adopt.

While universities have to start delivering a digital student experience that lives up to the expectations of today’s students, the reality is that many are hampered by old fashioned, difficult to use systems. Student Information Systems (SIS) haven’t seen real innovation for more than a decade. Universities face growing competition for students and those that embrace digital and deliver an experience similar to the device/app experience students live their lives by, will succeed above the rest.

To underline the importance of delivering a great student experience we conducted research among more than 2,000 full time and part time students studying at university level in the US, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Benelux, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. The results were announced today. 7 in 10 students would recommend that their university reviews and changes its digital strategy related to student administration. Around one third of students feel student administration systems do not meet their expectations, making them less likely to recommend the institution.

The findings of the survey have also been illustrated in an infographic.

Students, faculty and staff have come to expect more as they experience a technological revolution in their personal lives. It is possible now to provide them with an intuitive experience built for today’s mobile user. What once was a source of disappointment has now become a competitive advantage. Digital innovation on campus supports student retention, the path to graduation and employment. Don’t make it a challenge for your students to succeed.

Jami Morshed

Jami is vice president of global higher education at Unit4. My mission is to help colleges and universities improve student success and institutional effectiveness. I’m responsible for everything we do at the Unit4 Global Center of Excellence to help institutions prepare for the future through scalable and comprehensive software solutions that streamline and modernize core business processes while eliminating the burden of managing ever-changing technology.

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