The new P2P: Find a development environment where your peers drive you forward

Posted by  Magdalena Marcisz

You might enjoy your independence, but collaborative R&D development environments let you connect with smart coworkers within your team, show off your skills and work on exciting coding projects. The latest workforce generation leans heavily on collaborative environments, with PwC reporting global millennial workforces look for team cohesion in their work environments. The new P2P lets your peers drive you forward into achieving new coding excellence. Here are a few key benefits you receive in this type of empowering environment.

Expanding your skill set

It's easy to fall into your expertise box, especially as you move forward in your career. When you lock yourself in a personal silo, it's hard to truly reach your full potential. You don't develop throughout your career in a vacuum, so it's necessary to have peers motivating your growth. When you're in an environment where you're working together with highly skilled peers every day, you break out of your silo and begin expanding your skill set.

Thinking outside the box

It's hard to innovate if you're stuck doing the same thing with the same process day in and out. A team with smart coworkers gives you the opportunity to step outside of the box. You can look at the standard techniques and think of new ways to implement them alongside your team members' skills or come up with entirely new ways of accomplishing your goals. You have complementary skill sets which enables you to go much farther than your coding knowledge alone can take you. You also gain inspiration from your coworkers when they're at the top of the game with you. An idea from a peer could cause you to look at a process in an entirely new light, or you discover a better coding method when you see how it interacts with your team's work.

Showcase your skills

You're one of the best developers for a reason, but people outside software development won't appreciate what you do because they lack a baseline understanding of coding. You can show off when you're around your team, since they have the technical expertise needed to recognize the difficulty and complexity associated with your demonstration. You want a good balance between a slightly competitive environment where you put 110 percent in and a development environment focusing on overall goals instead of purely personal achievement.

Work on innovative projects

Innovative projects have a lot of moving parts that are best developed in a collaborative environment. If you want to work on projects capable of unlocking your full potential and letting you make a significant difference, you have to look for a development environment focused on connecting the best and the brightest coders together.

Boosting your personal performance

If you're working on your own on mundane projects, you don't have any motivation to push yourself towards excellence. Working around highly skilled and creative developers in R&D day in and day out allows you to hone your skills and boost your personal performance levels. You position yourself with the valuable coding knowledge you couldn't attain when you worked by yourself in an uninspiring position.

Collaborative environments are frustrating if your team members can't pull their weight, but when you're surrounded by equally skilled peers, you have access to one of the best development environments. Excel in your coding career by seeking out working environments enabling P2P learning and collaborative projects.

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Magdalena Marcisz