4 Reasons Digital Services Can Benefit Your University System

Posted by  Jeremy Branton

Most universities understand the importance of digital strategy. A recent study by Unit4 and DJS Research concluded that 87 percent of students would like a web application or mobile app to manage their entire university life.

However, the value added to the student population isn't the only benefit implementing a digital system can have for universities.

Watch Student Success Skyrocket

Communication between the university and the student body is often vital to high performance. Each student most likely learns and processes information differently, which makes an easily accessible system appealing.

ERP or CRM integration at the university level often means better communication between departments, resulting in better communication to the study body. With access to analytics on student performance, it makes it easier for the university to intervene before problems become irreparable.

Your student body can also stay on track by having the ability to manage their schedules, appointments and general campus life through one integrated system.

Outperform the Competition

Running a university or college can be extremely complex, as you know. When it comes to funding and grant access, having data to support your efforts can be a make or break situation. A digital services system can give you the data you need to track success within the student body, as well as with your internal controls.

Having access to digital financial records lets business development track successful strategies and plan for the future. With access to important data points, universities can pinpoint areas that are struggling and develop an improvement plan.

Not everyone is on board with digital systems, and having a strong presence can be a selling point over your competitors in the area.

Time Well Spent

Outdated services can often require teams to dedicate hours poring over paperwork, which can be a drain on resources. Having on-screen analytics means reports that used to take hours can now be generated at the click of a button.

Systems like Unit4 are specifically designed to be easily used and maintained by every department. The learning curve for digital systems is often a blockage to implementation at many schools. However, the time spent upfront putting the system in place and training employees can often be made up quickly by how well it streamlines old processes. With productivity in mind, these workflows let university departments dedicate time to the things that will more directly affect the bottom line.

Serve Your Audience

The DJS Research survey found that 82 percent of students surveyed would be more satisfied if their university had a digital system to help manage administrative tasks.

There is little doubt that university students are looking for an easy solution when it comes to managing their time spent on-campus. By giving students solutions they are looking for, retention rates and overall satisfaction can only improve.

It's not only the student population who can benefit from a digital system. Faculty can use it to track their student's grades, eliminate timely paperwork and improve communication between departments.

At the end of the day, your university is a business. To achieve success, it must adapt to current times and find strategies that support growth. Digital systems no longer require complicated installations and an even more complicated learning curve. Technology can be used to gain a competitive advantage and propel your school upward by offering insights, eliminating paperwork and lowering costs.

Jeremy Branton

Jeremy is responsible for sales, market creation and direction for Education with particular focus on Student Information Systems in the UK.

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