Ready to make a difference? Behind the scenes of Unit4 Professional Services

Posted by  David Penberthy

Businesses are increasingly embracing the new technologies we’ve all become used to in our personal lives.

We’re starting to see how AI and machine learning can make a difference in the enterprise sphere. Put these alongside the new, innovative cloud technologies that our customers are rapidly adopting and we can make a genuinely compelling case to these businesses:

Unit4’s people – from consultants to developers, executive team to front-line account managers – are dedicated to making it as easy as possible for you to support your customers and your people.

As consultants we want to deliver this message and empower our customers with innovative technologies that users can pick up intuitively. To achieve this we adjust our consultancy services to provide the best support and knowhow. We deploy the latest, proven implementation tools and methodologies and recruit and train the very best to ensure we have the very best consulting team.

The world is changing fast, which means it’s impossible to work with enterprise applications in our businesses that stay in place and deliver results over many years. It is our job to guide our customers through this period of change and align technological solutions to business outcomes.

This challenge is made significantly easier by the fact Unit4 is developing the most exciting and innovative software in the market.

Meet Wanda, the world’s first true Digital Assistant. Capable of learning behaviour and working habits and able to understand natural language, Wanda is the interface between workers and all the information in all their business systems.

Wanda can access all an organization’s business applications, learn patterns, make suggestions, and carry out tasks – all via a natural language interface. Tell Wanda what you need in a conversation on Skype for Business, Slack or any other preferred interface, and watch it happen immediately.

We’re hugely excited about Wanda and the underlying software we implement can help our customers achieve. The more we can free our customers from the repetitive tasks that take their time, the greater the impact they can have for their customers.

I see every day the real difference we can make by working alongside our customers, so they are able to embrace the latest tools to support their business and get on with running their own organisation.

Our solutions and colleagues support people in real life and ensure to help them. It is not only our consulting skills, but also our knowledge of our software and deep industry knowledge that make the difference for our clients.

Last November 24th , we have had our first UKI Professional Services event in London. We enjoyed the evening and it was a really positive event in which team members shared their knowledge and experience and gave a glimpse of behind the scenes with Professional Services.

It was a great networking event set to educate and inspire like-minded professionals in how they can make an impact as a consultant on our customers in the ever changing and fast-paced business software sector. 

David Penberthy

Professional Services Director UKI