Experts in IT are actually not from IT – behind the scenes at our Global Customer Support Center

Posted by  Ryszard Szreter

IT is everywhere. Seriously. And it wouldn’t work without an army of people who are putting in their effort to keep it up and running every day. Moreover – as the demand for new technologies is constantly increasing, the number of employees in the industry is growing rapidly and the skills are getting more and more sophisticated.

A few years ago, when the IT outsourcing industry in Poland was just emerging, the password-reset type of job was the only IT job you could get, unless you were a very skilled IT guru. Nowadays, companies are still looking for programmers, network geeks, experienced testers but new trends are emerging – not necessarily because the whole industry is driving a change but because IT customers are pushing for more transparency and efficiency.

So, what do customers really need? It’s simple – they need IT solutions to be as easy and immediate as turning on the light. And when it doesn’t work – it should be easy to pick up a phone or write a few lines and someone sharp on the other side of the network is jumping on it, keeps you informed and finally resolves the issue (or ideally, resolves the issue and let you know).

You’ve probably heard about Cloud solutions quite a lot. Cloud this, Cloud that. Believe me – how the system is configured has little meaning to End Users (with data security as an exception). Our customers are not interested in buying code anymore. IT products created by IT guys for IT customers is becoming a niche market. Now IT is used by everyone and what is most important is the result, service delivered and that the software works intuitively. This change is driving a completely new demand for talented people who like to be part of this shift and contribute to this cause.

OK – so what does it mean in practice?

In practice it means that when you are going to the doctor and you say ‘My knee hurts’, he/she will use all those funny Latin terms to explain where the pain comes from and at the end you don’t really know what to do. This also occurs in IT – when a customer is struggling with something, he/she does not really care about firewalls, VPNs, CPU consumption or database indexing. The solution is what really matters; that software fits the way they work and the easier we explain it, the better.

Unit4 is very serious about this digital transformation. We know that software is used by people with various backgrounds and experience so there is no size that fits all. That is why we believe that diversity is key. The more diverse the team the better it can respond to our varied and international customers with various IT issues.

Becoming an IT expert does not mean you need to have a background in IT

The best people in IT have a strong desire to be part of this fast-paced and innovative world. An open mind, fluency in English, curiosity, analytical skills and a little bit of patience is the right mix if you ask me. OK – and one more thing is very important and that is a team player mindset and I’ll tell you why!

Modern software is super complex. There is no one who would be good at IT, finance, logistics, HR & Payroll, projects and a few others at the same time. When you work on one or two cases a day on average – and yes, those cases are really complex and need your analytical mind, you will find quite a few occasions where you need help of your colleagues. Similarly your colleagues will be looking for your help as well.

There is one more reason why teamwork is so important. When you look at a typical day, you probably spend quite a lot of time sleeping, commuting to work and from work, and doing all of those not necessarily exciting things like ironing, cleaning… – you know what I mean. So, actually the best time you have during a day is when you are at work. If the work is not fun and people around you are counting time to leave the office… – I guess this is not the best use of everyone’s time. On the contrary – when you have a team that is a dream team – it becomes a completely different story not only for you and your colleagues but also for End Users who in the end receive your outstanding service.

Want to make a difference in IT and work in a Global Customer Support Center?

I guess there is a number of options and there is no size that fits all so I’ll use the freedom of speech to say that the one I propose is the coolest one you can choose. As a Support Consultant, you would respond to requests for help from customers. You need to be creative and able to think on your feet, giving every customer an answer or action plan that makes them say, “Whoa. That’s amazing.”

You monitor the progress of each problem from initial contact through to close, working closely with your colleagues and R&D. Due to your unique position on the front line, we will seek out your suggestions and advice to identify areas where we could improve our services.

Do you want a personal development plan? It’s yours to design. Control over your career at Unit4 rests in your hands. Interested, check out our careers at careers.unit4.com!

Ryszard Szreter

Ryszard Szreter leads our Customer Support Centre that supports Unit4’s flagship ERP solution – Business World On! With more than 11 years of experience in high volume and high complex operations in IT, finance and HR areas, he has developed a deep understanding of these industries.