How to Create a Framework for Easily Adjusting the Project Process

Posted by  Martijn van der Hoeden

Projects rarely stick to the original plan 100 percent. The sign of a great project manager is the ability to adapt on the fly and limit unnecessary scope creep. Since you know you’re going to end up in this situation, it makes sense to use a framework that can easily accommodate these adjustments throughout the project. Here are a few ways you can accomplish this goal.

Provide Excellent Visibility Through a Centralized Platform

Does your professional services organization have an infrastructure that empowers the project manager and team with support for agile practices? The foundation that you work with can help or hinder your ability to make changes without encountering roadblocks.

Unit4 PSA Suite’s solution for PSOs builds flexibility into every aspect of your operation. You won’t cringe at the thought of accommodating an unexpected feature request or completely changing gears due to a stakeholder’s new vision. You have the tools you need every step of the way.

Account for Common Scope Creep Issues

Do you encounter common themes when it comes to scope creep? Maybe executives end up making sweeping changes at the mid-point of a project or a stakeholder only gives half of their requests during the planning process.

When you know these situations are likely to happen, you can create contingency plans that cover what to do and how to adjust if they occur. While the time spent putting these processes together may not always pay off, you’re going to be grateful when they do bear fruit.

Plan for Things to Go Wrong

You can probably count the number of times a project completed without anything going wrong on one hand. Much like accounting for scope creep, you can cover the typical disaster scenarios that have the potential to throw your projects off track and result in unoptimized resource and time investments.

The most powerful skill you can have in your project manager toolkit is the ability to adjust the project quickly and easily. Whether you implement a new PSO solution by Unit4 or make sure to plan for any derailing situations, you can improve your capability of dealing with scope creep. Want to know more? Watch the on-demand webinar and discover how you can avoid scope creep and drive to operational excellence

Martijn van der Hoeden

As Founder of the PSA Suite and Global Head of the PSO Center of Excellence, Martijn van der Hoeden drives to provide the Professional Services Organizations to improve their performances and maximize their organizations efficiency with the Unit4 PSA Suite.