Your opinion matters – how was your implementation experience with Unit4?

Posted by  Unit4 Communications

We pride ourselves on the quality of our software and the service we deliver to our customers. And we understand that the value of our products only comes to life when they are well implemented. To ensure the highest possible standards we continuously seek feedback and look for ways to improve the service we provide.

This summer Unit4 started a collaboration with Raven Intel, an independent peer review site for enterprise software implementations. As well as helping us gain transparency into our implementation services, it helps customers make an informed choice about their consulting partner. Through this we can ensure the highest levels of service and rank ourselves against peers from our industry. It is great to see the feedback coming in, particularly specific comments and praise for consultants for their great work during implementation projects.

We’re incredibly proud that our Net Promoter Score (NPS) for project implementation is 8.3 versus an average of 7.1 for the industry. We deliver 25% more projects on time compared to the industry and our consultants are rated highly – 4.2 out of 5.

We want to continue outperforming the industry and commit to keeping or improving these scores with your feedback. By completing this survey, you can help us do that, and as a thank you we will make a donation to Save the Children.

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