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BPM Partners give Unit4 FP&A an “Excellent” 4.5 rating in their 2021 Pulse Survey

Now in its 18th year, BPM Partners Pulse Survey polls enterprises on their experience of software vendors in the world of budgeting, planning, forecasting, consolidation, reporting, and analytics.

This year’s report – released in the 16th month of the global pandemic – explores a landscape in which many organizations are still trying to fix painful budgeting processes based on legacy systems while also broadening their requirements to accommodate a period of extreme upheaval.

In a period in which many organizations have turned to new solutions to help navigate through challenging economic circumstances, we’re very pleased to announce the survey shows Unit4 FP&A has the full-throated support of our customers – with a 100% recommendation rate, and an overall score of 4.5 (“Excellent”) with a particularly high 4.8 (“Outstanding”) score in budgeting and planning functionality.

Technology is key on the path to recovery

The research undertaken by BPM Partners in compiling the report displays three key findings:

Many organizations turned to their business performance management (BPM) solutions to navigate through the pandemic.
Their systems, for the most part, succeeded in helping companies become more agile and better able to respond to rapidly shifting market conditions.
As firms turn tentatively to recovery, organizations are continuing to rely on BPM systems to help streamline financial processes and create greater strategic and tactical agility.
Solutions like Unit4 FP&A will be key to the survival and future trajectories of these organizations in the future – helping foster flexibility and efficiency across the enterprise, and bolstering capabilities across a whole range of financial and operational workflows.

More BPM solutions than ever before – and more for them to do

The report paints a picture of customers who are demanding more than ever before from their vendors (including a new focus on areas such as scenario planning, financial modelling, continuous forecasting, predictive forecasting leveraging AI, and longer-term strategic planning.) And of vendors who are rising to the challenge of meeting these expectations.

Significant investment in the industry and extensive R&D means that many product offerings have been bolstered with major new capabilities – and the report shows that there are more capable solutions available this year – at every price point – than there have been at any point in its 18-year history.

Unit4 FP&A scores an overall 4.5 (Excellent)

We’re very pleased to see that Unit4 FP&A has been graded as “Excellent” according BPM Partners’ metrics – especially given the context described above.

These scores are based on assessments made by vendors’ customers, and we’re glad to know our customers have been able to rely on our solution to boost their operational agility and help them navigate through one of the most complex financial environments many organizations have ever faced. The fact that 100% of our customer surveyed would recommend showcases both our understanding of the people-centric industries for which our products are designed, and our ongoing commitment to customer success and experience.

Our particularly high score in Budgeting and Forecasting speaks to Unit4 FP&A’s rock-solid fundamentals, but also to our flexibility and extensibility – Unit4 FP&A integrates fully with our ERP and HCM solutions, and can be easily connected to 3rd party systems and data sources via our Extension Kit. These not only ensure that plans can be made easily, but also accurately. Leveraging data and insight from across your organization to create better pictures of your present so you can make better plans for your future.

Want to know more about what Unit4 FP&A can do? See for yourself:

Read our vendor report to see why our platform is considered a leader in product flexibility, out of the box models, and complexity handling. You’ll also gain some of BPM Partners’ expert insight on:

  • Why organizations now demand a greater scope of functionality and services from FP&A providers.
  • How vendors have responded to this newly expanded demand.
  • How to evaluate more vendors with more capabilities than ever.
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Read our vendor report

Check out Unit4’s vendor report below. And when you’re ready to see what our solutions are capable of in the flesh, just click here to book a demo.